10 Thoughts on WWE (John Cena, CM Punk, The Miz, Edge)

After this week passes, there will only be one more week of Raw and Smackdown until WrestleMania. As we get closer to WrestleMania, more and more matches come to life along with the hype. Here are the 10 Thoughts for this week in the WWE:


1. Once again a match involving The Corre and Big Show/Kane ended in a disqualification. Yawn….

2. Brodus Clay can eventually be a force in the WWE if he is used right. His matches haven’t been anything marvelous thus far but they have been watchable. His match against Edge on Smackdown was decent at best although predictable. You knew Edge wouldn’t lose clean 2 weeks from WrestleMania. A blindfolded Stevie Wonder locked in a basement (Thanks Rock) could see Alberto Del Rio was going to attack Edge after he picked up the win.

3. What happened to the tag team match between Edge and Christian going against The Corre? Way to hype that up only for it not to take place.

4. Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio in the Cage match was average. Glad to know that WWE remembered that Del Rio was the one that put Christian out of action and are continuing this feud. It seems they did it all wrong over on Raw with Triple H and Sheamus. This match had bits and pieces that were good but overall it just didn’t come across as that great of a cage match. Maybe it’s the lack of blood which makes the Steel Cage match seem a bit weak. I’m not one to say “Oh the WWE is bad because they don’t bleed anymore” but in Cage matches or Elimination Chambers, some blood would make it look more brutal and intimidating.

5. Triple H’s promos regarding his match against Undertaker have improved greatly since his first one on Raw. He and Taker have hyped this match up perfectly so far. This week he invited Undertaker to show up on Raw next Monday for one final showdown and it may be a great way to head into WrestleMania. We shall see next Monday how this all goes down.

6. After Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne in a quick bout, Daniel Bryan came out to challenge Sheamus at WrestleMania for the U.S. Title. Sheamus accepted and attacked Daniel Bryan immediately. If given enough time, this can be one of the better matches on the card at WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan has been known to put on some flawless matches and Sheamus has had some great bouts as well. Sure there is the size difference but if Rey Mysterio can have some decent bouts against Big Show and Kane, Daniel Bryan can sure as hell do it with Sheamus.

7. The hype for Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler’s match so far has been very awkward and uncomfortable for fans to watch. Last week, Michael brought back Jerry’s son, Brian Christopher, who cut a promo that seemed to cross the line a bit. This week, Michael Cole had a family album that Brian Christopher gave to him. Like last week, this just wasn’t enjoyable to watch. There is no need for Cole to be showing off pictures of Lawler with his deceased parents. Cole would then go on to call the whole family a bunch of losers. We all know the WWE is trying to make Michael Cole look like a jerk but this is pushing it. There are other ways to keep this feud going other than to mock Lawler’s family.

8. CM Punk continues to prove why he is one of the best in the WWE right now. During the Randy Orton/Rey Mysterio match, Punk showed up on the Titantron and distracted Orton. Punk was outside of the arena by the bus Orton showed up in. Randy Orton ran outside of the arena after Punk threatened to confront Orton’s wife inside the bus. Once Orton got to the bus, Punk attacked him and mocked his wife as she was crying for help. I personally thought the way Punk lured Orton to run outside was phenomenal. This match is going to be highly entertaining at WrestleMania, this feud has been fantastic for weeks now.

9. Does anybody in the WWE care about Trish Stratus anymore or is the Divas division just dead? Usually when she makes these short comebacks, WWE promotes it. This week on Raw she came out alongside John Morrison with little to no reaction. I’m just going to assume Snooki stole all the thunder in this feud against Dolph Ziggler, Laycool and Vickie Guerrero. At this point, nobody may care until WrestleMania when the troll a.k.a. Snooki shows up for the match.

10. The Miz officially changed the WWE Championship on Raw, only there wasn’t much change to it. He simply had the WWE logo turned upside down into an M for Miz. Afterwards, John Cena appeared on the Titantron via satellite. He informed Miz that he was watching the man who had attacked him for weeks. Cena then revealed that he was in the arena when a few guys wearing Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys took down the set background. Cena then flew to the ring and beat down on a “rehired” Alex Riley.  This was fun to watch although it was just your usual Cena gag and beat down. Hopefully the match at WrestleMania between Miz and Cena can be taken more seriously now that Cena has a more serious attitude about his opponent. There’s only one more Raw until WrestleMania but this feud could head into the PPV with some good hype. It all depends on what happens this coming Monday.


That’ll do it for this week folks, until next time, stay classy.

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