Brad Meltzer’s Justice League Of America (JLA) IDENTITY CRISIS Gets The Absolute Treatment

Some fans will welcome this news about a solid creative effort on story and art while others will see this as DC rewarding the 2004 series that the lead to DC’s decent into darkne$$. What say you?

DC’s release:

Last week, you may have seen that IDENTITY CRISIS, the game-changing book written by New York Times bestselling novelist Brad Meltzer (Dead Even), will be receiving DC’s Absolute treatment later this year. Brad shared his thoughts on the book and what this new edition means to him:

“IDENTITY CRISIS changed my life. It truly did. And it let me be a part of something that was so far bigger than myself. I’m honored that it’s being given the Absolute treatment and that we’re adding so many extras. And I just want to say a special thanks to every single person who told me that IDENTITY CRISIS was the book that got them back into comics.” – Brad Meltzer

Featuring art by Rags Morales and Michael Bair, ABSOLUTE IDENTITY CRISIS will include all issues of the series, a gallery of variant covers and previously unpublished script pages. On sale October 12, 2011.

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Source: DC The Source Blog