Did Judd Winick Spoil The Ending Of Justice League: Generation Lost?

Judd Winick, the writer of the bi-weekly Justice League: Generation Lost, did a two part interview with Newsarama this week about the series, and while the interview featured many interesting notes (and both are worth reading), one thing the writer said stuck out to me.

Nrama: I’m sure readers are hoping the good guys win. But you’ve explored Max Lord to the point that I think readers are also enjoying him as a villain. Is there a good chance we’ll see more of him in the DC Universe?

Winick: I think it’s safe to say we’ll see more of him. I’ll even go out on a limb and say Max Lord doesn’t die at the end of this book. This series has been as much about Max Lord as it’s been about any of these characters. In this story, you’ve seen the creation of a supervillain. Max has been really fleshed out now, so I can say quite comfortably that the fleshed out Max Lord will probably show up again in the DCU.

Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do to a character aside from kill them. Depower them, mindwipe them, send them to another planet so that they eventually return seeking sweet revenge, etc. So saying Max doesn’t die doesn’t immediately mean that he’s going to be a top tier A list villain like he’s been steadily turned into through the course of the title.

Then there’s also this part of the interview which holds even more clues about the future.

Nrama: There are a lot of fans of this series who would like to see you continue writing the JLI. Eddie Berganza was even asked about it this weekend at C2E2 and said, “maybe.” Is there any chance there will be a JLI series in the near future, and if that’s a possibility, could you be involved?

Winick: I can’t talk about this at all. How’s that? I so, so, so can’t talk about any of this a little bit. And I say that with every bit of love in my heart that I can possibly muster. I’m not ducking the question. I’m not pretending something’s going on. I’m saying: I cannot talk about it.

I can tell all the faithful readers, who I love and appreciate very much for all their support on this series and the wonderful comments that we’ve had, just sit tight. The announcements will eventually be made about what’s coming for these characters, if anything.

Judd can’t say anything about a potential JLI title, which to me means that DC is holding off on any sort of announcements until the series ends (two more issues) in an effort to not ruin the ending. Also, when you consider that Brightest Day wraps up the previous week and Generation Lost has carried that header for its entire run (and I believe it’s the only title still carrying the banner), it’s a pretty safe bet that the ending will feature some sort of White Lantern tie.

My guess? Max and Checkmate are going to be established as villains, the JLI are going to get their own title which will star the current roster (including Bruce and Peeg).

Why Bruce? Well, for one, the current theme of Bruce Wayne is International, as Batman Incorporated is him going around the globe and setting up other Batmen in other countries. At the same time, Justice League of America is currently doing a B-List League led by Dick Grayson in his role as Batman, and given the way James Robinson is writing the book, he’s a much better fit than Bruce. But if you throw Bruce into the JLI and set their mission up as an international team trying to stop Max Lord? I think you’ve got a seller right there.

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Source: Newsarama