Fairly Legal – Episode 1-10 Review

“Bridges” defines exactly why Kate’s life is so messed up. On the one hand, she is dedicated to mediation, spending lots of time and effort to do her job, and succeeds in mending the bridge between Croatia and the United States. On the other, she burns the bridges between Justin and Lauren, something that’s been coming from the first episode.

It’s hard to blame Justin and Lauren for what they did. Kate is never there, misses Justin’s acceptance speech, drops the bomb about her pregnancy without confirmation from the doctor, and later tells him that only the home test was positive. After being constantly thrown around, Justin should be angry. Kate has bashed Lauren around since the first episode, and I honestly can’t see what is supposed to make Lauren a bad person. I can’t blame her for firing someone who is a constant disruption. As much as Sarah Shahi sold the scene in the aftermath, I find it hard to feel bad for Kate who is just that myopic.

The mediation this week seemed really stupid. The girl’s father may not be biological, but he’s obviously capable of taking care of her and loves her, demonstrable through past and present actions. Then there is the grandmother who blathers on about blood (as if it’s the sole indicator of well-being) and kidnaps the girl. And, to cast a general overview on living standards, the US has over double the GDP per capita adjusted for PPP compared to Croatia.

Score: 8.4/10