Juno Temple officially joins The Dark Knight Rises

On the heels of Joseph Gordon-Levitt officially joining the cast of the third film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, Variety has that someone else has joined an already stellar cast: Juno Temple.

She is set to play a ‚Äústreet-smart Gotham girl” per Variety last week. Temple was most recently seen in theatres in Greenberg in a minor role and is set to play Queen Anne in Paul W.S Anderson’s The Three Musketeers later this year.

What does this mean? It’s an interesting pickup for Nolan but she’s destined for a minor role. My expectation is that this wouldn’t be anything more than an extended cameo, considering the depth of the cast already. Considering Nolan wants to keep this grounded, and has already excluded Robin from showing up, we’re looking at Temple in a small role like a snitch for someone important or a girlfriend of a villain who Batman gets information from. It’ll probably be something akin to Anthony Michael Hall’s appearance in The Dark Knight.

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Source: Variety