Parks and Recreation – Episode 3-8 Review

Like everyone else, I was surprised Parks and Recreation would be wrapping up the Harvest Festival story so soon since there seemed to be plenty that could still happen. But the writers decided to move on to the next project with the remaining 9 episodes of the season. So does “Camping” provide an answer to the question of the next project? Not exactly.

The Harvest Festival proves to be a huge success, bringing the city back to solvency and giving Leslie leeway for her next big idea. She takes the time for the office to go camping and brainstorm ideas. This is all well and good, but no one seems to have anything viable. “Camping” has a plethora of camping related humor–Ron trying to fish in peace while Jerry keeps talking, Tom with his Sky Mall tent, Andy in the wrong place, Leslie keeping everyone awake–and it’s all well and good, except that’s all the episode is, people not having the best time while camping.

The only progress in the episode comes when they spend the night at the bed and breakfast, the epitome of an old people place. Ron finally gets Leslie to sleep and she comes out full of random ideas. Ann talks to Chris, who is unwilling to restart their relationship.

Perhaps I was expecting too much from the episode since I kept waiting for something substantial to happen. The episode was very funny, utilizing the characters and their traits to the fullest in an unfamiliar environment, so I really shouldn’t be as hard on the episode as I am.

Score: 8.8/10