The Office – Episode 7-19 Review

As we head into the next stretch of episodes, we already know Michael’s final episode will air on April 28, and according to reports, “Garage Sale” is Holly’s final episode. While Michael could up and leave at any time without missing a beat after the initial confusion, the writers know this is a big deal and are making the most with what little time they have left.

“Garage Sale” deals with Holly in a near-perfect way, showing us how much Holly cares about her parents while providing ample opportunity to indulge classic Michael Scott ideas of a marriage proposal (gasoline fire in the parking lots, dog, etc), before ending with the actual proposal, a sweet, candle-lit affair which ends up being reminiscent to Jim’s proposal, with the sprinklers turning on.

The garage sale was great as well, with the office hijinks transported into a room with all these foreign objects. Andy, Darryl, and Kevin play the Dallas board game, and without rules they do whatever they want. The money in the pot gets stolen, however, and Kevin, after complaining several times about the rule bending, walks off–money in pocket. My favorite part was Dwight miraculously trading his way up to the most expensive object, starting with a simple tack. Even though he gets played by Jim’s magnificent baiting of the magical legumes, Dwight is a total boss in the episode.

Score: 9.4/10