What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – May 21, 1994

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WWF Superstars

-Vince McMahon and Jerry “the King” Lawler are calling the action today.

-Opening Contest: “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon vs. Derec Domino:

Ramon tosses Domino around like a rag doll and does the fall away slam spot. Ramon gives Domino a choke slam and kicks and slaps him around like a heel. He makes Domino yell into the camera that he is the bad guy. After this revelation, Ramon gives Domino a side suplex off the second rope and finishes him with the customary Razor’s Edge at 4:20. Dull squash because of Ramon’s heelish actions.

-McMahon recaps the Earthquake-Yokozuna sumo match from Monday Night Raw. The crowd was into this one a lot more than the Big Show-Akebono showdown at WrestleMania over a decade later.

-Crush (w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Mike Terrence:

Crush gets on the mic and tells Lex Luger that he won’t survive the WrestleMania Revenge Tour. I guess the WWF considered Crush the “perfect” replacement. Terrence tries to attack Crush before the bell, but Crush shakes it off and gives Terrence a running powerslam. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker finishes in 55 seconds. In a sick spot, Crush gorilla press slams Terrence to floor after the match. Just think of how many Royal Rumbles Lex Luger or the British Bulldog would have won if they did that.

-Stan Lane talks about the Diesel-Bret Hart match at the King of the Ring.

-Duke “the Dumpster” Droese vs. Mike Bell:

This is Droese’s debut. Lawler interrupts him on his way to the ring so Droese just dumps trash on him. By the way, Droese actually has a dumpster with him instead of a trash can. I can see why the trash can would be more convenient. Bell attacks Droese once he steps between the ropes, but he runs into a clothesline seconds later. Droese slows things down with a chinlock and when Bell fights out he gives him a sloppy Trash Compactor for the victory at 2:15. A decent debut, but Droese wasn’t going anywhere outside of the lower midcard with this gimmick.

-Todd Pettengill presents the King of the Ring report.

-Non-Title Match: The Headshrinkers (Champions w/Afa & Captain Lou Albano) vs. Jim Messanger & Ray Roy:

Has anyone considered how paternalistic the Headshrinkers-Quebecers storyline was? Think about it: the Headshrinkers wrestle for a few years and only when a crazy old white guy helps them out do they actually get a crack at the tag titles. However, I could buy an argument that the Headshrinkers loved beating people up so much that they didn’t care about the belts. It fits the gimmick and all. Messanger and Roy attack the Headshrinkers before the bell since all jobbers seem to be doing that today, but the Headshrinkers shrug off their blows and destroy them. Samu gives Roy a DDT off the second rope and Fatu finishes him with a top rope splash at 2:32. If you don’t like Headshrinker squashes then you just aren’t living.

-A Dunkin’ Donut owner says that he saw the Undertaker in his shop. I have a hard time believing this one because I don’t think eating donuts on the road kept the Undertaker at 328 pounds for nearly a decade.

-Ted DiBiase is in a cemetery and alludes to the fact that he wants to buy the Undertaker’s services.

-King of the Ring Qualifying Match: “Double J” Jeff Jarrett (w/Mr. Fuji) vs. Lex Luger:

Jarrett and Fuji make a really odd pair, but people in the South like the jobs Toyota brought their way and the Japanese like Elvis so maybe it’s not that odd after all. Luger overpowers Jarrett so Jarrett goes to his Memphis playbook and stalls. Luger delivers a gorilla press slam and clotheslines galore follow, but Fuji hits Luger with the Japanese flag and we go to a commercial break.

When we get back from the break Jarrett is in control, but a blind charge eats buckle and Luger gets a fluke schoolboy for two. Jarrett works the back and gets a flying clothesline off the second rope for two. Jarrett tosses Luger to the floor and distracts the referee as Crush runs down to ringside and smashes Luger’s face into the steps. When Luger gets up he stupidly decides to chase after Crush instead of getting back into the ring and gets counted out at 6:55 shown. To say that the outcome of this match was an upset would be an understatement. These two had no chemistry and the stalling by Jarrett didn’t help the situation. Rating: *¼

-Stan Lane talks about the King of the Ring tag team championship match between the Headshrinkers and Crush and Yokozuna.

-McMahon and Lawler ask the 1-2-3 Kid what the King of the Ring tournament means to him and the Kid says it means a lot. Well duh. Lawler can’t stop laughing and tells the Kid that there’s no way he beats Adam Bomb next week.

-Tune in next week to see the 1-2-3 Kid face Adam Bomb in a King of the Ring qualifying match!

The Final Report Card: Luger’s push into the midcard was underway at this point as the WWF wanted to make sure that fans saw Bret Hart as the company’s #1 face. It’s hard not to be sympathetic to Luger when he was constantly made to look like a chump in big match situations. After a string of decent shows we were bound to get one that wasn’t very good so hopefully next week the roster gets some rest and puts out a better effort.

Show Evaluation: Thumbs Down

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