10 Thoughts On… The Celebrity Apprentice Episode 4 Review

1. I want to start this week by crediting the editors and producers of The Celebrity Apprentice, as I honestly believe this is the best reality show of all-time. This includes the first Survivor season, Big Brother 2, Real World Vegas and countless others. I really believe that we are watching the most entertaining reality program ever.

2. I was definitely shocked by Dionne Warwick being sent home. Not because she was fired (that should have actually happened after the first episode), but because of how much drama she brought to the show. In a season where Donald Trump is basically acknowledging that he is keeping the people that are making good TV and using that philosophy, he certainly should have kept Dionne and eliminated the boring LaToya.

3. Marlee Matlin is one of my favorites this season and I hope that she does well, but I didn’t really care for her performance in the commercial. I thought she delivered the lines too quickly. Perhaps it was just the edit, but that’s how I felt.

4. So let’s get this straight. Richard Hatch brought the trees last week and the purple couch this week. Is there any doubt he is who he is?

5. To give credit where credit is due, Lil John and NeNe Leakes have been the best project managers so far this season.

6. The NeNe/Dionne confrontation at the elevators really reminded me of Joan Rivers vs. Annie Duke (“you’re a pokuh player, a pokuh player”).

7. I really like Donald Jr. and Ivanka. They have been great this season.

8. Why is no one else talking about the fact that Jose Canseco wanted to use the phone to talk to aliens? And wasn’t he the guy complaining about people not respecting his intelligence in the first episode? I wonder why. I guess he took “ET phone home” too literally.

9. It’s clear that Mark McGrath and Star Jones have assumed the role of narrators for the season.

10. I am very upset by the fact that Meat Loaf’s meltdown will be airing at the same time as Wrestlemania next week. Ugh.

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