American Idol 2011 Spoilers: Naima Still On The Outs With The Other Girls?

After it was initially reported that Naima was on the outs with the other girls on American Idol, there is now even more evidence.

According to a report of Thursday’s results show, Naima still wasn’t being embraced by the other girls.

The report says that with the nerves of the results coming in, the other girls haven’t really shown their support for Naima ‘when the camera isn’t on them.’

It said:

“We felt kind of bad for Naima who, after receiving polite hugs of congratulations on making it through another week, sat next Lauren and Pia with a giant gap between them. Lauren and Pia were literally “stuck like glue” to each other during Sugarland’s performance and wouldn’t let go of Thia after she was sent back to the safety of the couch. Haley practically skipped into the arms of the other girls during commercial after she found out she was safe from elimination, but where was Naima? Oh yeah, she was sitting on the edge of the couch. Kind of weird to watch someone be so blatantly ignored in front of a huge studio audience.”

To read the entire report, just click HERE


Source: E! Online