Geoff Johns Off Flash OR Is Aquaman Work Short-Term Like Superboy & Booster Gold?

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Let’s connect some dots.

Now that its been announced that Geoff Johns is helming a new Aquaman series after Brightest Day, what does this mean for his other DC books namely Green Lantern and Flash?

When Geoff Johns first became Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment, he was peppered with questions with what this would mean for his comic book output. Here’s what he said last June:

I’m happily writing two monthlies and co-writing a maxi-series — The Flash, Green Lantern and Brightest Day with Pete [Tomasi] — and I’m working on the Batman: Earth One graphic novel with Gary [Frank]. More than likely my writing workload will continue like that: two monthlies and a special project.

The real goal for me now [as Chief Creative Officer] is getting DC, Vertigo, Wildstorm and Mad to the big and small screen while staying true to the source material we all love.

He’s also issued a statement similar as well:

There might be [more monthly books outside of Green Lantern and Flash in the future], once we wrap up Brightest Day. I’m comfortable doing three books a month.

Now, that is still pretty consistent with his previous comments as he doesn’t say three ongoiung monthly books. It could be two monthlies and then the third book could be a short-term committment whether the rumoured project with Grant Morrison or other mini-series or perhaps the opening arc of Aquaman (like he did with Superboy on Adventure Comics and with Booster Gold) or perhaps he’s leaving Flash since that book has been cancelled so he can do the Aquaman ongoing. Afterall, Johns has been doing Flash pretty much a decade.

Also, Johns has made it crystal clear that he’s not leaving Green Lantern:

Absolutely, and I spend most of my time on Green Lantern in all media right now. On the comic book writing front, I’ve got no plans for leaving “Green Lantern.” And the thing I love about “Green Lantern” is that we’re putting so many new characters out there that are actually sticking around. I mean, the reaction to Dex-Starr is beyond what [artist] Shane [Davis] and I ever dreamed of. Characters as minor as Dex-Starr and major as Saint Walker or Atrocitus or Indigo, it’s really great to have so many new characters capture people’s imagination. I enjoy writing them. Atrocitus, Indigo, all of these characters. And the Green Lantern universe is endless – an endless tapestry of writers and artists working together. That’s the best thing about it.

So, what do you think? It is clear, that Green Lantern will go unchanged, but is Geoff done with Flash or will he only be “opening up” the Aquaman series like he did with the current Booster Gold series and like he did the Superboy-centric Adventure Comics?

With news that Scott Kolins is off of Justice Society of America, will we be seeing a Flash book centred on Barry Allen or Wally West written (and drawn) by Scott Kolins? Afterall Scott is writing the Reverse-Flash Flaspoint special. Hmmm.

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