Inside Pulse Wrestling’s WWE RAW Report – 03.28.2011: The Countdown to WrestleMania XXVII

Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW!

We’re live from Chicago and CM Punk is sitting in the ring embracing “his people”. He doubts that he’ll get this reaction next week in Atlanta. He has a problem and that problem is with Randy Orton. We relive last week what happened to Randy Orton when Punk threw a wrench into Orton’s plans. Chicago mildly turns on Punk following the video replay. Punk says that he cost Orton the respect from his family and that his family won’t look at him the same again. He’s just getting started and he’ll finish at WrestleMania.

Punk goes to leave and he’s interrupted by Randy Orton with a taped up knee. Orton gets in the ring and Punk attacks. Orton gets the upperhand and he drops Punk on the head with the Hangman DDT. He coils up before deciding to go for the punt. Orton’s knee gives out and Punk sees this opportunity. Punk kicks the bad knee and Orton is writhing in pain. Punk seals this with a GTS and the crowd comes back to him.

Backstage, Christian meets up with Edge. Seems that the RAW GMail threw Edge a bone and told him as long as he’s on RAW, he can do whatever he wants to Alberto del Rio.


Edge & Christian v. Alberto del Rio & Brodus Clay

Brodus starts things off with Edge. Christian gets a quick tag and he works over before getting a quick tag. They double team Brodus before tossing him out of the ring. Christian launches over but is caught. Edge has a remedy via a baseball slide. We take a break right here.


We’re back and del Rio is in the match making Christian pay. Kick to the head and del Rio covers for a delayed two count. He focuses on the arm before tagging in Brodus Clay. Clay drops the elbow on Christian for two. Tag to Del Rio and Christian continues to be in trouble. Christian counters a corner charge and connects with the Tornado DDT. Tags all around and Edge can’t get the big man down. Fallaway slam is countered and Edge goes for the spear, but Del Rio cuts him off from the past. Christian goes for the save, but Del Rio sends him to the barricade. Edge off the ropes…SPEAR! Pinfall seals it.

Winners: Edge & Christian
Grade: C+

Post match, Del Rio locks on the cross-arm breaker on Christian. Edge leaves the ring to save Christian and Del Rio runs away. Edge turns his back to Christian and Del Rio attacks from behind and applies the cross-arm breaker.

Trish Stratus is in Snooki’s world on the Jersey Shore.


The Miz and Alex Riley deface the W sign backstage.

Michael Cole gets an email from the RAW GMail…on his iPad. Jerry Lawler takes on Jack Swagger tonight. Jerry likes the idea.

Undertaker/Triple H WrestleMania hype video.


We highlight the events for WrestleMania Week.

Justin Gabriel (w/The Corre) v. Santino Marella (w/ Vladimir Koslov, Tamina, Kane, & Big Show)

Everyone involved is in a tag match Sunday at WrestleMania XXVII. Gabriel gets a kick in and Santino nearly is down for the count. Gabriel works the shoulder a bit. He misses a elbow and Santino makes a comeback. He splits to avoid him and hiptosses him. The two groups fight on the outside and the end Santino gets the COBRA for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella
Grade: NR

Post match, everyone…including Kane…does the air trumpet.

Triple H walks.


Keri Hilson will perform America the Beautiful at WrestleMania. So was the Justin Bieber tease a work?

Undertaker makes his way down to the ring, followed by Triple H. Triple H can’t do his water spit as the gongs interrupt. This explodes as Shawn Michaels makes his entrance to the excitement of everyone. He’s sorry for interrupting, but he wasn’t going to miss this. He guarantees that neither man will be the same after Sunday. He asks Triple H what makes him think that he could do what Shawn couldn’t. Triple H says that Shawn got “soft”. He vows that he WILL win. He learned to respect the Undertaker more and more each passing day. He tells the Undertaker that it’s time. He says that the streak will rest in peace. The Undertaker takes the microphone. If he ever got to the time for someone to put him down, he would want it to be Triple H. But…it’s not that time. He knows that Triple H will kill himself trying as the streak will still be alive and so will he. He says that Shawn twice couldn’t get it done. He sees a humbled man in Shawn Michaels. He sees a man who’s career he ended. Shawn has had enough and he attempts Sweet Chin Music, but Undertaker stops it and goozles him. Triple H breaks it up and he asks Shawn to tell Undertaker why he will lose at WrestleMania. Shawn instead decides to leave the ring and Triple H is besides himself as Undertaker tips his hat and leaves the ring.


Jack Swagger (w/Michael Cole) v. Jerry Lawler

New music for Jerry Lawler and it suits him well. The bell rings and Cole gives Swagger an opening. Swagger Splash connects and Michael Cole continues to berate Lawler. Lawler gets sent over the barricade. Swagger looks to inflict more punishment, but Jerry Lawler has his response – a steel chair. He hits Swagger with a steel chair and he sets his eyes on Michael Cole. He chases Cole down, who retreats into the Cole Mine. Lawler attempts to climb the Cole Mine and Michael Cole tosses a drink at him.

Winner via DQ: Jack Swagger
Grade: NR


Last week: John Morrison gets pinned by Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero mocks John Morrison’s entrance and she yells at Snooki.

Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus v. John Morrison & Daniel Bryan

Sheamus attacks relentlessly to start, but Morrison is able to fight him off. Flash kick attempt is blocked and Ziggler tags in as we take a commercial.


We’re back and Morrison is in dire straits as Sheamus keeps him down. Morrison kicks his way out of it and both men are down a moment. Tags all around and Bryan takes it to both Ziggler and Sheamus. Bryan locks in the LaBell Lock on Ziggler and Sheamus kicks Bryan to break it up. Sheamus tags in and he covers for two, broken up by Morrison. Morrison has a Pele kick for Ziggler and Sheamus tosses Morriosn out of the ring. LaBell Lock attempt on Sheamus, but Sheamus has a High Cross for Bryan for the pinfall.

Winners: Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler
Grade: NR

Random interviewer guy asks Randy Orton if he’ll make it to WrestleMania. Randy Orton reminds us that he ended careers of men he barely knew. He has never despised any human being more than CM Punk. The question should be “Will CM Punk make it out?”


The Road Warriors are your final inductees for the 2011 Hall of Fame.

We go down to the Jersey Shore and Snooki tells LayCool and Vickie to bring it. Some random man gets involved and Snooki shoves him. What a stupid segment.

And it couldn’t even get any more stupid as LayCool crash the segment and they brawl with Trish and Snooki. Lots of bleeping going around.


The Rock is backstage waiting for his music to cue up. He’s back to the city that started it all for the Rock. He wrestled his first WrestleMania match in Chicago. The bleepers don’t bleep the Rock, while they bleeped Snooki and LayCool in the last segment. He had a dream and that dream was to call out John Cena. Huge “Cena sucks” chant from Chicago. He calls Cena a homeless Power Ranger and that he has a fist for his lips and a boot for his ass. Case in point, The Rock is here.

John Cena makes his way out to the ring with a huge smile on his face. Right now, we have a moment that we thought we would never see. The Rock and John Cena in the same ring. This is what Cena wanted; the Rock back in the ring. Cena tells the Rock that this is where he belongs. John Cena opened his mouth because he wanted to know why the Rock left the WWE. Everything Cena said had meaning and merit and he wanted to know what problem the Rock had with him. Despite all that, he’s damned proud of who he is. John Cena asks the Rock what is his gripe? If he has no legit gripe, then WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? He doesn’t mind if the fans judge him, but he won’t be judged by the Rock. The Rock’s expressions are solid. The Rock says that nothing can save him from a ass whooping. John Cena is game if he wants a fight.

Out comes the Miz and his bitch. Really? He calls Cena and the Rock overhyped and overrated. The Miz says that he owned John Cena over the past month. He says at least Cena will go down swinging. The Rock won’t do anything according to the Miz. His movies have grossed over 1.2 BILLION dollars and that he won’t risk getting beat up or embarrassed by him. It’s not just a risk but a guarantee. He knows the Rock won’t do anything because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. The Rock says that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Alex Riley decks the Rock and here is the double team. The Rock fights back and Riley goes down. DDT for the Miz! People’s Elbow follows! The Miz takes the high road and John Cena is right behind! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON THE ROCK! Cena finishes with his You Can’t See Me trademark.

Show over.


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