The Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Spoilers: Dionne Warwick Fired, Meat Loaf Explodes Next Week

In another surprising result on The Celebrity Apprentice, the men’s Backbone team pulled out another victory seemingly out of nowhere.

The task asked the teams to create a commercial spot for ACN’s new videophone. The men, led by Lil Jon went with the risque idea of Jose Canseco playing a gay man meeting his boyfriend’s parents while the women’s ASAP team (led by NeNe Leakes) decided to go with the safe route and did a heartwarming commercial about a daughter using the phone to connect with her hearing-impaired mother.

After 450 ACN employees voted 53-47 in favor of the men, Dionne Warwick basically asked Donald Trump to fire her after she felt she was being victimized by the rest of the team. After she was dismissed, she engaged in a heated argument with NeNe before getting onto the elevator.

The fireworks apparently won’t end here as next’s week’s episode is the one that has been speculated about since the start of the season with Meat Loaf seemingly losing control.