Being Human – Episode 1-11 Review

When Being Human began, I read in an interview that the producers have only watched the first season of the British version so their creativity wouldn’t be tainted. However, some recent developments have me doubting that narrative, with the vampires getting werewolves to fight and Nora getting pregnant. Are those the logical steps for producers of both versions, or have the American producers been perusing more of the British version?

I really like the expansion of the vampire culture and hierarchy, which is something the British version barely explored in the first season. Needless to say, Bishop’s coup was masterfully executed and Mark Pellegrino was great as usual. Rebecca gets Aidan to kill her, and now Aidan stands alone against Bishop, though Sally and Josh will certainly be there.

Sally’s plot was very cool this week, resolving the lingering Danny problem by having Sally take action and inhabit the exorcist and making the truth be known.

Score: 8.6/10