Stargate Universe – Episode 2-14 Review

After scaling back the magic stones for a good part of the second season, the writers decided to bring back another magical object in full force–the magic chair! Like any self-respecting magical object, the chair is fucking amazing, able to receive both Ginn and Amanda Perry’s consciousnesses and allow them to communicate with others. Hell, this chair might just climb out of the script and slap the writers a few times.

No one seems to mind (there are a couple weird looks but zero actions/comments) that Chloe’s body is cuddled up to Eli when Ginn is present, cuddled up to Scott when Chloe is present, and cuddled up to Rush when Amanda is there. The writers don’t see the dramatic potential in this? Okay, then.

I will admit, though, that I liked the surgery on Volkoff–not the ridiculous TJ-Perry superteam, but how all the scientists plus Greer banded together in a time of need. Following up on a comment from last week, Wray indeed does not show up after “bonding” with Greer last week.

Score: 7.7/10