Body of Proof – Episode 1-1 Pilot Review

By now procedurals aren’t special, and Body of Proof is no different: there is a group of people who solve crimes using autopsies as the focal point. Even the main character, Dr. Megan Hunt, is a near mix of the titular characters of House and Bones, two shows which used to be very good (as far as procedurals go). She pays close attention to detail and makes incredible deductions, drawing from House; she is drawn to dead bodies and their ability to communicate facts, drawing from Bones; and her willingness to speak out at inappropriate times is drawn from both. But this is a formula that works, especially with someone as good as Dana Delany who manages the emotional and fun scenes well.

As far as the rest goes, we’ll have to wait to see if it develops. The conflicts with the detectives and chief medical examiner, and the male partner to bounce ideas off are are very generic. Still, Megan’s engaging backstory should be enough until the rest jells.

Score: 8.4/10