Were Money No Object on March 30 Featuring Bronx Kill And Strange Science Fantasy,

The Books I Think You Should Buy:

Bronx Kill TP

by Peter Milligan and James Romberger; Vertigo, $12.99

The Vertigo Crime books were pretty hit or miss in the beginning, but they seem to have established a more winning formula – namely, to put comics writers on them instead of mystery novelists (although there are a lot of people who fall in to both categories, it is not a sure thing).

This one is written by Peter Milligan, who does not need any kind of introduction in terms of Vertigo credibility, and the story works quite well.

I read it back in August, and you can locate my original review here.

Strange Science Fantasy TP

by Scott Morse; IDW, $24.99

If you’re looking for a crazy read, this is perfect for you.  Morse pulls together a number of varied influences (Kirby, Drive-In movies, pulp magazines, Surrealism) to give us the six stories that make up this book.

I read this as a series of individual comics, and was surprised at the end to learn that each of the stories fit together in some strange way.  I wonder if, when reading this as a trade, the effect of moving from one chapter to the next won’t be too jarring.

Anyway, my review of these comics can be found here.  This title completely slipped under the radar when it first came out; it deserves some attention and love, as it’s a fantastically strange read.

So, what would you buy Were Money No Object?

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