10 Thoughts On… American Idol Top 11 Performance Review Version 2.0

1. Let’s start with the obvious. It didn’t matter how Casey Abrams did on Wednesday. He’s 100% safe since everyone will want to make sure he isn’t in the bottom again.

2. Speaking of Casey, if they wanted to reveal his ‘new look’ as a surprise when he performed, why did they already show him waving to the camera before the commercial? It kind of ruined the surprise of seeing him later.

3. Naima’s reggae version of “I’m Still Standing” was much better than I thought it would be. With that being said, I think that it might be her personality that is costing her votes. I think she is definitely going home.

4. Haley was spectacular. I agreed with Randy when he said she was the best of the night. I have been a proponent of Haley’s from the beginning.

5. I thought James didn’t sing particularly well but the pyro display was great and he is still better than nearly everyone else even on an off-night.

6. In my pool, I predicted that James and Thia would be safe because I wanted to take a bit of a risk. I am regretting the decision a little as I think they are in trouble along with Paul McDonald and Stefano.

7. Steven Tyler’s flirting schtick is getting old.

8. Scott McCreery singing the same song every week is also getting old. Oh wait, he doesn’t? Could have fooled me.

9. Lauren had a nice comeback and finally is showing signs of why I thought she could be this season’s potential winner.

10. Pia performs well every week. So why is it that I don’t see her having a chance of winning. Anyone?

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