10 Thoughts on Possible WrestleMania Surprises

CB here with a rare personal entry into the ’10 Thoughts’ stratosphere.

Alas, I couldn’t resist one last chance to talk about the big show before Sunday, and so tonight I figured I’d present to you something a little different that hasn’t yet been addressed in these parts.

With that said and before I get started, let me say that Pulse Glazer did a tremendous job on Monday recapping and expanding on many if not all of the WrestleMania columns posted right here on Inside Pulse Wrestling.

And if that isn’t enough to get you pumped up for Sunday, three of our esteemed columnists — Chris Sanders, Joel Leonard, and Rhett Davis have also chimed in with their pre-Mania insights.

And so now I finally give to you…

10 Thoughts on Possible WrestleMania Surprises

These might not and likely will not happen, but imagine if they did…

1. Being that we’re headed to Atlanta, let me throw a bone to the WCW fans out there: Diamond Dallas Page makes an appearance after the match between Randy Orton and CM Punk, helping Orton fend off the returning members of New Nexus. Then, we get an amazing sequence of RKOs and Diamond Cutters to everyone in their paths, and Orton and DDP celebrate this very stellar WrestleMania moment.

2. The Rock wins the WWE title. If The Rock is serious about returning to the ring, what better way for him to make an iMPACT (pun intended) than to win the WWE title at Wrestle freakin’ Mania. Since Cena already gave Rocky an AA (FU) for good measure on the go-home episode of Monday Night Raw, then why can’t Rock get his revenge and get it NOW. Of course, The Miz would lose the most from this kind of occurrence, but with almost 7 million viewers tuning into Raw’s second hour this week, don’t think for one second Vince and The Rock haven’t at least thought about making this happen.

3. The Undertaker beats Triple H … with help from Shawn Michaels. That’s right, HBK gives us one more WrestleMania moment — and one more stab in the back — by costing Hunter a chance to do what even Mr. WrestleMania couldn’t do. This might be a milder surprise to some, but think about the drama this kind of scene would cause considering the fact that Triple H would have just inducted Michaels into the WWE Hall of Fame during the live celebration the night before his match with Taker. Taker made HBK feel like a broken man on Monday, and the stage is therefore set for something like this to occur should they choose to go down this route.

4. Alberto Del Rio scores a CLEAN WIN over Edge to capture his first Big Gold Belt title. Imagine if they just let this one play out without any actual interference? Now THAT would be a shocker.

5. The Anonymous GM is revealed as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Stone Cold summarily FIRES Michael Cole after Lawler DESTROYS him. There has been absolutely no talk of this lately, and so what an interesting twist it would be for the Anonymous GM to actually be Steve Austin. Then, Austin could reinstate Jim Ross as Raw’s lead announcer, Cole can be (storyline) fired, and then, of course, KICK WHAM STUNNER.

6. Chris Jericho and his DWTS partner Cheryl Burke host a WrestleMania dance-off with the Great Khali and several Divas. Ted DiBiase then tries to interrupt the proceedings, only for Khali to chop him down and Jericho to break the walls down. Do NOT put it past them to do this as a “first intermission” sports entertainment type of deal.

7. Awesome Kong debuts and destroys every Diva in her path. Perhaps this can happen during the dance-off segment I just cooked up, or even better, during Snooki-fest!

8. Cody Rhodes beats Rey Mysterio in a much-needed win, but that’s not the surprise. As Cody goes to de-mask Rey in front of everyone once and for all, Rey is saved by Sin Cara (Mistico), who then rips off Cody’s Rip Hamilton-esque mask before Cody bolts to the back to avoid the cameras.

9. After being on the winning team during Snooki-fest(!) and if Awesome Kong doesn’t debut, John Morrison teases the Starship Pain on Vicky Guerrero to get payback for Vicky pinning him on TV. The buzz in the building for the attempt alone would be sick, and of course Vicky would be saved by Dolph just in time before Morrison begins to fly off the ropes.

10. To tie this all together, just envision the final image of this year’s WrestleMania: The Rock standing tall as the new WWE Champion, with Raw General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin raising Rocky’s hand to close the show……….

Well, there you have it, my 10 Thoughts on Possible WrestleMania Surprises.

I’d love to know what you think of my suggestions and please, chime in with your own 10 thoughts in the ‘Comments’ thread below!

Well, that’s all from me, until next time — CB.

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