10 Thoughts On… Survivor Redemption Island Episode 7 Review

1. Boston Rob throwing the clue in the volcano was one of the greatest moments I have ever seen on Survivor and I feel privileged for having seen it.

2. That immunity challenge was the best challenge I have ever seen. Not so much in terms of design, but the finish had me on the edge of my seat. It was great television.

3. The challenge kind of made up for the lame Redemption Island challenge, but that being said… you can’t say Stephanie wasn’t given every chance in the world to get back in and I am sure everyone involved knew that her coming back would be very interesting because she would have definitely beaten Sarita and reentered the game.

4. It’s time for me to share my opinion on the Matt situation. It’s almost a certainty that he will come back for the merge (by the way, I don’t think they should have told us that in the preview… would have had much better effect if he had just come in as a surprise). Anyway, I think the best move for the Ometepe tribe is to use Matt to get the numerical advantage and then get rid of him again. I don’t think he will jump and that’s the best move. For Boston Rob anyway and that’s really all I care about.

5. I am only eating crispy brown rice for the next week.

6. Phillip’s sense of entitlement because he is the oldest in the tribe was ridiculous. Respect is earned. And he is a total tool bag.

7. Why didn’t Ashley make any of the baskets in the challenge when she was a college basketball star?

8. David is a very interesting player to watch. I liked all of his moves in this episode. The fact that he didn’t scramble or panic and especially that he just let the tribe reason themselves into the realization that keeping Sarita was suicide. And his line about not getting confident to Sarita as she walked off was just the kind of slap in the face that I love.

9. The reward looked awesome.

10. Next week’s episode looks killer!

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