Bones 2011 Season Finale Spoilers: Will Booth & Brennan Hook-Up In Finale?

Bones fans, you know that emergency kit you’ve had tucked away all these years? The one with the oxygen mask and the Xanax lollipop? Yeah, you’re gonna want to grab that right about now and lay it beside you before proceeding any further.

To those Bones fans who have been waiting for the inevitable, it appears that the title of the final episode of the season might finally give you what you have been waiting for.

The show is titled:

“The Change in the Game.”

The executive producer of the show, Stephen Nathan — who reluctantly confirmed the title scoop — declined to officially admit if the season ends with Booth and Brennan finally hooking up. He did, however, say: “Although the ‘game’ in the episode is bowling, that’s not the only game that will be changed.”