Criminal Minds – Episode 6-19 Review

Prentiss is gone for now, so we’ll be seeing more of Seaver, who graduates from the academy. At the very least, her title as cadet won’t be a constant reminder that she doesn’t belong on the team, and, well, we just have to roll with if we ever want to watch the show in peace.

While there is a fair amount of Seaver, the episode belongs to Reid’s whose psychological problems have been cropping up lately. The unsub is killing people left and right, stabbing them many times, and the root cause, manifested in hallucinations, may be from schizophrenia, which troubles Reid greatly. The final few minutes do a good job of illuminating the situation, as Reid sleeps peacefully and Ben is shown to have had hallucinations as a child, so schizophrenia was not the only reason for his murderous spree.

Score: 8.7/10

I wanted to address something I’ve read several times on the internet, and yes, it’s crazy, but apparently some people (a very small number of people, but the statement is explosive) think this way. Their conclusion, based off the departure of Prentiss and JJ, is that Criminal Minds will implode and be canceled. Ratings for CM are as solid as ever, and I can guarantee my life that there are not millions of viewers who will stop watching just because a few characters departed. It’s time to get over the petty anger and start using reason.