Justified – Episode 2-8 Review

As expected, Justified was renewed a few days ago. This isn’t a renewal that really got my attention since there was no way FX would cancel the show with the ratings and the year its had, but it’s still good to know in the back of my mind that there will be a third season to follow what is shaping up to be a great second season.

We’re now past the midway point of the season, and “The Spoil” beings the climb to the top. After setting the table in the beginning of the season, every part of the show is heating. Continuing from last week, Raylan protects the mining company executive who flirts with him the whole time, and ends up defending her from the angry plaintiffs from last week. Since the company still has work to be done, it’ll be interesting to see if Raylan sleeps with her or stays faithful to Winona.

At the same time, the Bennetts are staking their claim to Harlan, using whatever means possible to keep the mining company out of Harlan, including attacking Boyd. Luckily Ava is there and even shoots Coover’s animal, which Coover is really upset about. Speaking of Coover, we really see the vicious side of him when he pounds Raylan at the store. Any sympathy for his hand getting smashed is gone. But aside from her strongarm tactics, Mags proves to be an amazing orator, having great presence and rhetorical abilities to sway the crowd away from Carol.

Back at home, Raylan assumes that Art knows about the stolen money and Wionna remains very worried. We don’t see what Art does or wants to do yet, but his inaction would indicate an unwillingness to turn them in.

Score: 9.3/10