MTV News: MTV’s Teen Wolf To Reinvent Cult Movie, Official Trailer Released

The TV world is buzzing about MTV reinventing the classic 80’s movie starring Michael J. Fox.

MTV’s version of the show will star Tyler Posey as Scott McCall. McCall is a highschool lacrosse player who gets bitten by a wolf. You know the drill. He then turns into a werewolf juts as he starts to develop feelings for the new girl in town, Allison (played by Crystal Reed). BTW, what is with all these teen shows using lacrosse as their background activity. It failed with 90210.
Liz Gateley, who created shows like The Hills and Teen Mom explained why the show is receiving so much buzz

“We are always up for creative challenges at MTV,” she said. “We loved the conceit of the original film and knew the title had a great hook. The creative challenge was to take that title and reinvent it as a horror series for the MTV audience. It combines romance and high school to make ‘Teen Wolf’ the perfect thriller for MTV.”

The show will premiere on MTV in the US on June 5.

Here’s the trailer: