Supermodel Niki Taylor Talks Celebrity Apprentice

After being fired from Donald Trump’s fourth season of The Celebrity Apprentice a week ago, supermodel Niki Taylor talked about her time on the show and why she told Mr. Trump to fire her.

Taylor was eliminated after taking on the role of Project Manager on the women’s team (A.S.A.P.). Taylorled her team through a task from Camping World which required the team to create an outdoor camping experience with products from Camping World.

“I probably should have waited a little longer [to be project manager], but it kind of fell into my lap,” Taylor said. “I was the only one that had been camping. And I’m glad I did choose it because it was outside, we were always busy, always moving and there was tons of stuff to do.¬†Unfortunately, I’m upset that I didn’t win any money for my charity on this task.”

Taylor’s charity was the American Red Cross. After getting into a car accident in 2001 and needing over 100 units of blood, the American Red Cross supplied the hospital with the needed blood.

“This is me thanking all those people that donate blood everyday,” she said.

Even though she did lose the task, Taylor ended with $35,000 that she won in the first task for being the team’s “most valuable player.”

Team A.S.A.P. did end up losing to the boys’ team (Team Backbone, filled with celebrities like Meatloaf, Gary Busey, John Rich and Jose Canseco) but Trump said it was very close and the CEO of Camping World had a tough decision. Because the girls still performed well, Taylor decided she couldn’t blame anyone for their loss but herself.

“My girls did do everything I asked them to,” Taylor said. “We had an amazing experience, as well as branding. What you see on TV is how they edit it. I was project manager and ultimately you can’t tell the CEO hey you have to choose this one. Everybody has different tastes and different styles. Ultimately he liked the guys’ better than the girls’.”

During the task, Taylor got into a confrontation with music legend Dionne Warwick who didn’t appreciate Taylor’s leadership styles. Although she didn’t fight to get Warwick fired in the boardroom, looking back she said she wished she had done things differently.

“Dionne, she only did what she was told,” Taylor said. “She took lots of smoke breaks and she was just miserable. You could really tell she just didn’t want to be there. So I wanted to tell [Mr. Trump], you know, ask her if she wants to be here and if she does, that means she’s going to go above and beyond for the next task. And if she quits or if she gets fired, you need to bring me back.”

Taylor’s suspicions turned out to be true. In the last episode, the women’s team lost and Warwick volunteered to go home. Sadly for Taylor, that doesn’t mean she will be returning.

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