10 Thoughts on WWE (The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena)

This is it, we’re one week away from what we’ve all been waiting for, WrestleMania! Everything we’ve seen on Raw and Smackdown for weeks now will finally be settled and damn am I excited. Here are the 10 Thoughts on the WWE for this week:


1. Unbelievable, a match involving somebody from The Corre did not end in a disqualification for a change. This week on Smackdown, Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental title in a decent match. While it does help make The Corre look more powerful with the Tag and IC titles, they still need to make a bit more of an impact on Smackdown. As for Kofi Kingston, what’s next for him? He is still a great talent and I would love to see WWE make better use of him before he ends up doing House shows only.

2. The Undertaker responded to Triple H once again and kind of repeated himself from earlier promos. It’s not a bad thing, but I guess it’s just a way to throw in some more hype leading up to the match at WrestleMania. Undertaker promised that he would make Triple H his 19th victim at WrestleMania.

3. Cody Rhodes match against Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania has been built up fantastically. At first I thought of this match as just a quick filler match, which it sort of is, but after all this build, it looks great. On Smackdown, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk went at it in a WrestleMania Rewind match. Cody Rhodes interfered a few minutes into it and pulverized Rey Mysterio. Rhodes using his protective mask as a weapon is awesome, it seems like a pretty clever weapon and unexpected as well.

4. Christian took on Alberto Del Rio in the main event of Smackdown. The match itself wasn’t bad but the last few moments with Edge are what made it good. Edge’s freak out as he was about to hit Del Rio was very believable. It seems like he really does want to tear Del Rio limb from limb at WrestleMania. Christian did the honors and smacked Del Rio with a steel chair. Edge leaned down by Del Rio and told Del Rio it’s his destiny to win at WrestleMania.

5. CM Punk just gets better week-by-week. This week he opened Monday Night Raw sitting in the ring and cutting a promo on Randy Orton. He showed the footage of last weeks attack by Orton’s bus and went on to talk some more smack about Orton. The Viper himself showed up only moments after and tried to attack Punk. Orton attempted to punt Punk in the head but the injured knee prevented that. Punk got the best of Orton by finishing him off with a GTS. This has been some high quality stuff from both Superstars. Their match at WrestleMania may be one of the highlights of this year’s event.

6. I originally was not going to mention this but what has happened to Kane? I thought the Kane-a-roonie was bad enough years ago. Now he’s playing air trombones with Santino Marella on Raw? The 90’s WWF fan in me is screaming “Why?”. Anyway, this week on Raw, it was announced Santino and Kozlov would be teaming up with Big Show and Kane in their match against The Corre. This is just a cheap way to get them on the WrestleMania card and I’m sure many would have preferred Diesel to Santino but I’ll accept it for what it is.

7. Triple H and The Undertaker may have stolen the show on Raw. This week these two had one final showdown before WrestleMania. Things really heated up when Shawn Michaels made his return shortly after Triple H came out. HBK pretty much came out only to be insulted by both men. Undertaker said he humbled Shawn and HHH went on to say how he wouldn’t let his emotions get in the way. Shawn walked out of the ring and admitted to Hunter that he does not think The Phenom can be defeated at WrestleMania.

8. The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering were announced as the next inductees for the Hall of Fame. I personally am very happy about this, without a doubt these guys deserve it and it was long overdue. They are and will forever be the ultimate tag team, and congratulations to them.

9. Jack Swagger defeated Jerry Lawler by disqualification on Raw when Lawler snapped. Lawler quickly grabbed a steel chair and used it on Swagger. Lawler then tried to get into Michael Cole’s “Cole Mine” before a few security guards pulled him away. This was an awesome way to add hype to the Lawler/Cole match just one more time before WrestleMania.

10. The Rock, John Cena and The Miz we’re finally all together live on Raw. It started out with John Cena and The Rock exchanging words. Cena’s part where he talked about how he was proud of who he was, was admirable. Moments later The Miz came out and confronted The Rock. Miz and Alex Riley tried to attack The Rock but Rock was able to fight them off. Afterwards, John Cena jumped back into the ring to give The Rock and Attitude Adjustment. This was some incredible stuff and really makes you want to know, what can happen at WrestleMania? Is The Rock going to kick Cena’s ass? Are they going to shake hands after the title match? Who knows? This whole ordeal made WrestleMania that much more interesting.

Ladies and Gents, I hope you all enjoy WrestleMania this Sunday night as it’s really shaped up to be a good looking show this year. So until next time we meet, you stay classy.


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