Two Big Reveals Coming From Geoff Johns – The White Lantern & The First Green Lantern

So, some Wonder Con news from DC wunder-scribe Geoff Johns.

Wow, we had to wait a whole year to figure out who the White Lantern is. I hope it’s someone we’ve seen in Brightest Day UNLIKE Justice League: Generation Lost that revealed that Wonder Woman was the key to Max Lord’s plans in the last few issues of the series (and she hadn’t appeared in the book at all until around then if I recall correctly).

Here’s what was heard on the White Lantern’s identity:

[Geoff] Johns then explained that they’ll reveal who the White Lantern is at the end of “Brightest Day” #23, and it won’t be who fans expect.

Looks like we’ll have a Bruce and Hal throwdown, but the last part is more interesting:

Johns promised a “Round 2” between Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne coming up working under the rules “No rings, no utility belts.” He also said that readers will learn about the very first Green Lantern soon.

With Johns continually expanding the Green Lantern mythos, but showing the Guardians and Krona were first tied to the white light not the green [see below pic], comes a further exploration of the past and a reveal of the very first Green Lantern. That seems pretty cool.

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