EXW Adrenaline Rush 03.29.2011 — Dom Vitalli, Gabriel Gallo, Val Venis

A show so awesome, one person couldn’t wait any longer. A pregnant woman went into labor in the middle of the show, on the patio. And another fan is born. Literally.

Adrenaline Rush – March 29th

The show kicked off with Steve, the new GM, echoing his promises of bring a new era of EXW. He goes on to announce Beaver Las Vegas as the special ring announcer for the night. Castellucci, who was already in the ring to announce the fan challenge, seemed irked by the GM. Steve then asked if the fans wanted to see Castellucci in the ring…which caused a roar of approval. But that momentum was stopped in its tracks as he handed the star a ref shirt, dismaying the fans. He reluctantly tossed it on as the first wrestler entered.

Match #1
JB Bad

I could hold my bladder in no longer once the bell rang, and dashed to the bathroom. By the time I was walking back, the bell had rung and it was over. From what I heard, this match was a hot mess. Upon further review and watching the video, I found myself agreeing with the original statements. But if the length is any explanation for it (let’s face it, I pee like the wind), then I have nothing to worry about from either person.
Winner: Clutch

Straight from there, the infamous Freak Squad entered, with Gallo, their newest edition. Amidst their explanation for incorporating the King of No Rules into their powerful stable, they took a moment to address some important issues. Taking a few well-deserved stabs that were painfully obvious as to who they were directed at, they reminded us that they are not entertainers, but athletes. It was then that Gallo took the mic, going off on a very entertaining rant on the “marks” that turned their backs on him when he left EXW. They wrapped everything up, and it was time for the next contest.

Match #2
Devin Sparks
Willie Mack

I had heard a lot about Willie Mack (NWA, M1W) and watched videos of him online. The hype was huge, but I wondered what he would be like live. And he did not disappoint. Both men either worked very well together, or were just that good. The impact was sharp and everything flowed perfectly into the next spot. The pace didn’t lag, and I about fell over when I saw the graceful moonsault from Mack. Sparks had great personality, finding away to steal focus away from Mack here and there. The two hit the throttle, but didn’t rush it, and it paid off.
Winner: Willie Mack

Match #3
Moshpit Mike
Woody Santanelli

The two men took turns pumping the crowd up, chit chatting and building tension. Once it finally began, I was excited to see Moshpit dominating, and ultimately overpowering, the burly star. Both seemed evenly matched and the pace was just right. I didn’t know what to expect when Woody started stepping into the ring again, but I was not disappointed. The finish was pretty dramatic, as it looked like Moshpit was going to win, but alas, did not.
Winner: Woody Santanelli

Match #4
Johnny Manson
Cedric the Hitman

This match was another quick one, and straight to the point. Manson laid out his crazy theatrics perfectly, playing into what he was doing. Cedric is someone who perpetually impresses me a little more each week. Great moves aside, I’d like to see what else he can do, as I feel he is holding back.
Winner: Cedric the Hitman

Match #5
Shadow Fox

Ray Basura pounced before Shadow had entered the ring, making quick work of him before pinning him for the victory. It was shame for both, but especially Shadow, who had really been wowing in recent months.

Basura claimed (in a promo reminiscent on Barney Stinson’s video resume) that he wanted a real challenge, to break a sweat. Then, the entrance music of a man who had been gone just a minute too long cued up, and thus began a real match.

Match #5.5
Ray Basura
The Prophet

I was absolutely thrilled to see the Prophet back in action, and what a welcome back it was. Some of his classic moves were tossed in, easily forcing Basura to chew on the mat. I would have liked to see it go on a bit longer, considering Prophet’s long hiatus, but I was enthralled and loved every minute of it.
Winner: Prophet

Match #6
Miracle Mike James
Shane Stratmore

Neither man seemed to build any momentum, as the immense back and forth kept your eyes flipping like a tennis match. The action was hard, definitely forcing you to pay attention. I’d say the two looked better in this match than they had in recent months, which is saying something. Everything started full-force, then slowed back down, then finally erupted. Mike rolled up Shane so quick, I barely knew it had happened.
Winner: Miracle Mike James

Match #7
Tyson Tyler
Gregory Sharpe

Poor Gregory Sharpe will never reproduce after Tyler knocked him down on the top rope so hard that he nearly split in half. Very quickly after, it was time for Tyler to pick up the victory by roughly placing his foot on the chest of the newcomer, for the three count.
Winner: Tyson Tyler

Of course, Stamboli entered the ring, soaking in the “GFY” chants, and opting to deliver. Boom, boom. GFY. Man, I love this stuff.

Match #8
Kyle Hawk
Cutler Wright

The flow of this match was consistent, never faltering, but never quite building up. And that wasn’t a bad thing. These two, against all odds, seem to flow together nicely. But they really hit their stride when it moved outside the ring, falling to the floor with a force. Each reversal took you by surprise, and you had no idea who had the control because honestly, they both did. Nearfall after nearfall went by, but Cutler delivered his signature Jackpot from the top rope to remind us why he is the champ.
Winner: Cutler Wright

Match #9
Andrew Hellman, Val Venis, and Derick Neikirk
Dom Vitalli, Frenchy Riviera, and Gabriel Gallo
The Freak Squad

These six men alone had enough tempers rising in the ring, but add in Castellucci as the referee? Magic. Gallo and Venis started it off, low to the ground like true professionals. After a bit of a scuffle and rapid tagging, Hellman was in to save the day. Vitalli was shocked and angered by Hellman’s offense, allowing Venis to storm in and clean up. All of them tried to put one over on Castellucci, sneaking behind his back and calling for a tag. From there…everything turned into absolute mayhem. Soon everyone is throwing everyone else on the mat in what seemed like a Hail Mary move, hoping to best the others. But with three men in each corner, it was all too easy to continue break up counts. After a long showing, the bell rung, signaling the end of the time limit (which was thirty minutes, by the way), and the fans went nuts. “Five more minutes!” chants reverberated throughout the venue. All men agreed, and the match continued. But the Freaks rolled out, and started to retreat, getting themselves counted out to end the contest.
Winner(s): Derick Neikirk, Val Venis, Andrew Hellman

Hellman lost his damn mind after that, and Neikirk called them out, claiming Terra Calaway—their valet—had bigger balls than them. Insults showered the Freaks, and it was decided that they would pick two opponents for Team Elite at the next show. It’s agreed on, and the Freaks retreat, toting their tag team gold.

Once all the men had cleared, Steve reappears to close out the show. He announces that at the next show, there will be an Elite Battle Royale, to become the number one contender for Cutler Wright’s championship. The winner will go on to face Wright that night. It sure promised to be a great show, and I looked forward to seeing it.


The EXW crew also issued a fan challenge, for any fans that attend the shows. Whomever brings the most new people to the next show wins a grab bag of wrestling memorabilia from past and present. Now, that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Should be packed!



Not fortunate enough to live in Arizona and witness the shows yourself? Never fear, the geeks are here! Check out this incredible show here. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.


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