Will Geoff Johns’ Brightest Day #23 & #24 Reveal The White Lantern As A Villain?

Following news over the weekend, DC keeps on indicating we will be shocked by the end to Brightest Day:

Eddie Berganza says the ending of Brightest Day is shocking — and will challenge people’s perceptions of what they think they know about the White Lantern.

I was just thinking about this and in response to a poster named Limodriver in the previous linked article, I had a revelation:

I take Eddie’s comment as Boston [Brand / Deadman] is NOT the White Lantern. What I do think, perhaps, is that the White Lantern may become a big villain in the DCU. We squander life by indulging in excesses, harming our bodies/lives, etc. So, if the White Lantern can create life, can it also take it back? If we look at the heroes/villains that returned, in all cases so far “life was returned”, but that also means that in some cases life won’t be returned.

So, what can the White Lantern do with people who never died? Hmmm. Can he/she take back life, essentially killing them, and feeding their bodies to the Black Lantern Corps? Intriguing.

So, if that is the way DC may go, what established or C-level villain could be a villainous White Lantern? Perhaps D’kay D’razz?

So, do any of the villains in Brightest Day so far or in the Green Lantern series, lend themselves to be DC’s White Lantern? Will the White Lantern be villainous?

What do you think?


BTW, check out this GORGEOUS bit of White Lantern art by Brett Booth. Yes, it’s a few months old, but it is pretty.

And, yes, that’s Hal Jordan, and not related to the end of Brightest Day, but it is a darn fine piece of art. If you like the below pic, you really should check out the Brett Booth drawn and James Robinson written Justice League of America monthly.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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