Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The Governator’ Trailer Is Officially Unveiled

We’ve been following this story for a while and now we have something really worthwhile. The day Arnold Schwarzenegger fans have been waiting for has arrived.

Arnold’s big comeback has officially kicked off with the trailer for his original project The Governator, which looks to conquer more than just television. Per the man himself:

“First will come (The Governator) comic books, then a (cartoon) TV series and after that we will develop the games and then a movie,” Schwarzenegger told a packed room of international journalists at global TV market MipTV in Cannes. “Maybe then we’ll be back in Cannes for that.”‘

Schwarzenegger is hearing up for more than just this project. He is reportedly “getting back in front of the camera” but didn’t provide any details. He has confirmed that he has been offered numerous scripts ranging from “action to comedy to sequels” and would be announcing his first film since stepping away from the cinema spotlight for politics.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter