The View From Down Here – 10 More Thoughts On WWE Wrestlemania 27

 Everyone else is throwing their 2 cents in, so I thought I’d give it the ol’ college try (which is odd, because in Australia our colleges are those high schools run as elite religious enclaves which cost parents their annual salary for each child to attend, and a try is something you get in rugby if you score what would be considered an American touchdown… I’m tired.) and put my ideas out there.

I apologise if I rehash anything some others have written here. I also apologise in advance if you don’t agree with me. But these are opinion pieces, and not the Magna Carta. Disagree all you want, but remember – opinions are like arseholes; everyone has one.

1. I was underwhelmed. The whole show was just… there. Nothing actively bad, (except the 8-man tag, but at least it was short… very short), some good, nothing brilliant. It was just… meh.

2. Edge v Del Rio was entertaining enough and a nice opener, and I am really glad there were no turns in the match. Next PPV – tag team match? TLC? With Edge & Christian? Just a thought.

3. Cody Rhodes v Rey Mysterio was my favourite match of the night, even though it wasn’t as epic as I thought it could be. However, I think this is Rhodes’ coming out party, and Mysterio deserves big props. Those haters who said he never jobbed on the big stage – not only did he lose, Rhodes was made to look a legitimate threat in it happening. No fluke pins. So sue me, I liked this one.

4. 8-man tag. It was short. Like the 8-man tag from WM8. And just as useless.

5. Punk v Orton was good from the point of view of 2 wrestlers telling a good story in that ring, but it felt a little off, and I feel the wrong guy went over. But for me to even care means that they did something right and I thought this was another good match that could have been epic if allowed to be.

6. Hall of Fame. I don’t even mind Drew Carey being in it. Good class this year, and Sunny looks hot again.

7. Cole v Lawler was too long and the reversed finish sucked.

8. This is gonna get me flamed. I thought HHH/Undertaker was not epic. It felt slow. I was bored by it. It was not bad, but it was just there. This match was fifteen minutes too long. If they’d cut it down so they didn’t have to pace themselves and could have gone all out, then it may have worked. As it is, it didn’t really. IN MY OPINION!

8a. They bumped Sheamus v Daniel Bryan? Surely one of these never-ending backstage “skits” could have been better utilised showing off not-wrestling-but-men-doing-sports-entertainment-stuff (TM, WWE, not World Wrestling Entertainment). Or they could have cut 15 off ‘Taker-HHH and given these two 8 of it.

9. The Snooki match was better than it had any right to be… and who would have thought Snooki would not be the worst wrestler on the card tonight? (That honour, by the way, is reserved for Michael Cole.)

10. This is also gonna get me flamed. I didn’t mind the main event. Maybe a little boring, but not too awful. I didn’t mind that the Miz was totally buried by the Rock. Cena looked off; was that concussion real and he should not have even been out there, or is he actually a good actor? The only thing I minded was that the main event of Wrestlemania was used to set up a new feud. You don’t use Wrestlemania in that way unless the match is halfway down the card. And what intrigues me is – is the Rock face or heel? Because he was getting face pops at the end after destroying Miz and Cena. Is this the start (finally! We’ve only been asking for it for 4 years now!) of the much anticipated Cena heel turn? But DCOR and then the ‘guest host’ taking out both guys at the end of the night was a slightly moronic move. IN MY OPINION!

Okay, having just jumped on the 10 Thoughts bandwagon for this one along with every other Pulse writer, you’re all probably completely burnt out by this. I promise it won’t happen again… until next year’s GlobalSportsEntertainmentAMania 28.

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Done that? Good!

Now, go outside and get some fresh air. Sit down with a book and read while enjoying that fresh air. It’s good for you.

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