Will Smith, Son, To Headline M. Night Shyamalan Project

Will Smith really wants his son to be a huge movie star. To the point where he’s using a bit of his own star power to get them there. How do we know?

Because he’s starring alongside him in M. Night Shyamalan’s next project per Deadline Hollywood.

Formerly titled One Thousand A.E, now currently working without a title, Smith steps into the picture as an actor after initially only wanting to produce. The story takes place far in the future where a young boy has to navigate an abandoned planet on a space ship that has crashed. On board is his estranged father.

This marks the second time Will Smith has co-starred alongside his son, the first being the inspirational yet factually challenged tale The Pursuit of Happyness. Men In Black 3, currently in production, is Smith’s next film and he’s slated to reprise his role as Detective Mike Lowery for Bad Boys 3 and star in The Last Pharoah which are both currently in pre-production.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood