10 Thoughts on Tough Enough 04.04.2011 – First Elimination, Stone Cold, Trish, Booker, Bill DeMott

Well looks like I’m pulling double duty tonight! Welcome to the first of many 10 Thoughts on WWE Tough Engough! Let’s get started…

1.  I loved the opening of the show with Stone Cold and it showed you really who is boss around the show.

2.  The first thing you’ll notice when the show starts is that language is not being filtered except for the F bomb.  So children might want to avoid this one.

3.  Stone Cold really made winning this competition seem like the most important part of any of these young… (what to call them)… competitors’ lives.  His speech at the beginning could have inspired Donald Trump to lace up his boots and get in there.

4.  Cleaning an entire arena after a WWE show has to be meticulous work and now these competitors know what it feels like and can respect those who provide the dirty deeds to keep the show on the run.

5.  The Drama starts on the show with a sexist comment from Michael saying that the Divas didn’t need any real experience as long as they have ‘the booty.’ His words not mine.  This only lead to water being thrown in the living room and Miss America showing that she will not be disrespected just because she is Miss America.

6.  Bill DeMott nicknaming each and every competitor is easily going to become a highlight of the show from here on.  Good luck.. SkidMarks.

7.  After watching the intense training, the only ones who really looked awkward were Ariane, Michelle, Miss America, Skid Marks, and Eric.  They either couldn’t do the rolls very well or they gassed out after Austin’s proclaimed ‘Three Minutes of Hell’ sprints.

8.  Each week will have a ‘Skills Challenge’ and this weeks was the earlier mentioned ‘Three Minutes of Hell’ where the competitors had to hit the ropes for three minutes.  Almost everyone struggled except for Miss America who cheated by using a padding on her hip to bounce off of the ropes.  The judges later would threaten to kick her for cheating.

9.  Every week there will be an elimination and this week the bottom three was Eric, Ariane, and Michelle.  A pretty accurate assertion there with Ariane focusing on holding up her pants instead of running the ropes hard during the skills challenge, Eric gassed out on the skills challenge, and Michelle, despite her 11 years of experience, really hit the ropes like she was scared of them.

10.  In order to protect themselves from elimination, each competitor had to plead their case.  Michelle mentioned her child back home and that she had lost some of her wrestling abilities because she had gotten out of the wrestling for a few years to pursue modeling.  Austin countered saying that she wouldn’t win a Mother of the Year award by being a wrestler.  Eric’s story of his Autistic brother who he would use the money for to make a better life seemed to have won Austin, but he countered saying Eric should have prepared more knowing he knew the stakes.  Ariane defended herself by claiming Melina vs Alicia Fox was her favorite match ever.   Austin looked at her like she was insane and asked her if she had any other favorite matches.  She said no and that led to Ariane being eliminated for not knowing the business and having virtually no experience.

After watching the first episode of Tough Enough, the favorites for the competition have to be Luke (who appears the total package and my personal favorite to win the competition), Felicia (who has been on the Indy circuit for awhile), Matt (who seems to be a lot like Daniel Bryan with his look and size), and Christina (who didn’t have a large impact on the show, but could be a dark horse).

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my 10 Thoughts on WWE Raw.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

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