10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 04.04.2011 – WrestleMania Aftermath and Preview? Cena, Rock, Miz, King, Sheamus/Bryan

Welcome to my 10 Thoughts on WWE RAW! With FOUR hours of WWE tonight, it’s a jam packed event and Raw should be one of the biggest of the year!  Now without any other interventions, let’s get into it.

1.  The show opens with a rather dull opening with Triple H once again talking about how terrifying The Undertaker is and how he took it to The Deadman.  It just bored me to bits… Although it was really weird to see Triple H talk about another wrestler making him ‘hyperventilate.’  At the end, I just felt that this feud wasn’t done.  Does that mean Triple H will be the first man to take Undertaker on for three times at WrestleMania?  Dear God I hope not… Shawn Michaels you are not Paul er Triple H.

1a. Oh so NOW they wanna admit that Triple H took on Undertaker… rather convenient timing don’t you think?

2.  Ok I understood the whole WrestleMania ‘lets give King his moment to shine,’ but enough is enough!  KILL THIS FEUD.  Move King to SmackDown! SOMETHING!  It’s time to give this much sought after time to someone who could actually use it!  What does a King/Cole match do for us post WrestleMania? NOTHING.

2a.  The only thing I like about this feud is how great of a manager that Cole has become!  Cole comes out and does all of the talking setting up whomever he is speaking to to fight his superstar.  Swagger is benefiting greatly from this!  He’s not that great on the mic, but Jack’s matches are always good.  this takes away his biggest flaw and gives him more heat than ever!

3.  So a couple of weeks ago we had the two WrestleMania Rewind matches and now they are combined?  Is this the way to show off what happened at the last two Manias?  Despite the weirdness to it, this match was really great and I was stoked the moment I read it was announced for tonight.  So when do SmackDown stars return to SmackDown?

4.  If they really want to make Orton a Austin, then Orton should have RKO’d Rey when he ran off the ropes for the 619 and then finished off Cody.  The reason that Austin is Austin and no one else is, is because Austin didn’t give a damn who was in the ring with him.  They were going to get a KICK WHAM STUNNER!

5.  So first they set-up Triple H and The Undertaker, now they are rumoring an Austin/Miz match??? Wow.  Austin didn’t show much ring rust as he stomped a mudhole in Riley and walked it dry.  But it looks like Riley is getting some great jobs recently.  First Khali, then Rock, and now Stone Cold!  And no this does not mean Khali is on their level.  Not even close…

6.  What the hell happened to Evan Bourne?  He went from getting a gigantic pat on the back by John Cena to not even getting an entrance against del Rio.  It also was interesting to see how pissed off ADR was.  And I’ll ask the question again… where the hell is Brodus coming from?

7.  It’s great to see all of these stars of yesteryear back, but how long are they staying?  I mean Austin, Rock, and now Trish?  They were guests not re-hired wrestlers.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d mark out if Rock or Austin came back and fought, but it’s just a crime for them to take up so much time when it could be given to building other stars or having some actual matches.

8.  So they moved the WrestleMania match to Raw… ah well better than nothing I guess.  I just wished that Daniel Bryan would have gotten the title back, but what can I say… I’m a Bryan mark.

8a.  Does this mean that Sheamus is a face?  He’s pandering to the audience with that American attire.  Well then again there is Jack Swagger…  Yeah Sheamus it didn’t work for him either champ.

9.  SIN CARA!  Finally the debut of the masked mystery!  What an impact from Sin Cara with that entrance and he just looked fluid in there!  It looked too easy for the guy!  But does that mean he and Sheamus will be fighting for the United States Championship?  Anyone else notice some irony?

10.  That last segment blew my mind.  I mean… I knew that they had to fight after what transpired last night at WrestleMania, but how could anyone have predicted that Rock would challenge Cena to a match in ONE WHOLE YEAR!?!?  I love it.

10a.  I am glad they threw Corre in there if for nothing else than just to take The Rock and Cena’s beatings.  Corre attacking them worked though.  They may have had their candy asses handed to them, but it gave them some purpose and direction after that embarrassing Mania loss.

Wait… so we have Rock and Cena confirmed.  Triple H and The Undertaker III was rumored at the beginning of the show.  And perhaps we may see The Miz vs Stone Cold… This is… insane!  These 365 days are going to go by sooo slow now…

Thanks for reading,

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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