Desperate Housewives – Episode 7-17 Review

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing great. After a month long break, the 7th season of housewives returns with its 17th episode and many things go down!

Spoiler-free zone:

An episode with very few downs and many ups. The storylines ranged from realistic and relatable to intense and plot-advancing (is that even a word?). With only 6-ish episodes to go, this season builds more and more drama while at the same time adding a few lighter storylines for balance. Strangely enough, those lighter storylines were the most solid ones.


Spoiler zone:

I would have to say that my favourite storyline of the episode was Lynette’s. While we did once again have the Tom-Lynette power struggle, I felt like the comedy moments where very well integrated with realism since both sides of the argument proved a point. Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant were made to play against each other, and their acting gave this segment an extra dynamic. It’s weird how Lynette has been one of my favourites lately despite that fact she hasn’t been given a consistent storyline yet.

Bree’s storyline was also touching. Since we’ve seen her clash with her son many times before, the drama was interesting and fitting. While I’m still not seeing Bree’s inner-character leading her storyline, (instead it’s just the people around her) I was quite satisfied with how the events played out. Bree has softened over the seasons but she is still very family-oriented and interactions like these are needed to refresh that domestic side of hers.

Renee got her best storyline of the season this week. Vanessa Williams’ acting was the best it’s ever been and I’m glad to see her character finally get some more time to shine. Throughout the season, she has only been a character who circles around different storylines and while her mother’s fate was kind of obvious from mid-episode, she still managed to show herself as a much more fleshed out character.

The Paul/Susan/Dead-Beth/Felicia/Mike storyline is clearly the big build up to the season finale (whatever and whenever that is). Firstly, I have to say this: Felicia Tilman is one twisted bitch. In my opinion she was clearly devastated about her daughter but in the end she didn’t let go. I think this week, the intention of the storyline was to humanise Paul so the audience has a better idea of who the real villain is. Solid performances seen in Susan, Paul and Felicia and now that the kidney thing is out of the way, here’s to hoping that Susan moves back to the lane.

To sum everything up, like I said above, the episode, despite a few minor flaws, was very entertaining. While the focus was on the mystery storyline, the smaller segments were more fun to watch and definitely didn’t drag.