10 Thoughts On… Survivor Redemption Island Episode 8 Review

1. Boston Rob is a stone cold killer. One couldn’t help but think of the vicious All-Stars vote where he eliminated Lex right after van den Berghe had saved Amber for him when Matt was sent right back to Redemption Island.

2. You can disagree if you want to, but eliminating Matt was genius because it removes the swing. It was very similar to Dolly in Vanuatu and Christy in the Amazon. Was it sadistic? Yes. But does it prove that Boston Rob is the greatest player in Survivor history? Yes.

3. David admitting the genius of Rob’s move makes him my second favorite. The fact that he can recognize the intelligence of the move makes me believe he is the ONLY one smart enough to destroy Rob’s plan.

4. Many believe that Andrea made a mistake by eliminating her closest ally, but it was the safe play. Not the right time to make a move. Ometepe will (unfortunately) want to get rid of Rob at some point and she will have her chance later.

5. I am not sure how I feel about Grant being used as the red herring to turn on Rob next week.

6. The key thing to consider about Matt’s dismissal is how important Phillip becomes now. But even if he does switch tribes, Rob still has an idol to play so he has set himself up nicely.

7. I believe that we will see a Boston Rob/Matt match up at Redemption Island. The editing is pointing that way.

8. The Zaps rooting for Sarita at Redemption really irritated me. Don’t know why.

9. Matt probably should have switched.

10. I will be in LA next week to receive my special achievement in reality reporting award. Talk to you in a couple of weeks!

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