Lights Out – Episode 1-13 Review

Well, that’s it for Lights Out, and while the ending was definitely a segway into the second season, the ending certainly put perspective on the series as a whole. With the criminal charges and family problems on hold, Lights wins the fight and retakes the title. Everything is on the up and up, and for a few minutes, it looks like the series may end on a happy note. Then we see the consequences of Light’s actions throughout the season. He still pays for his wrongdoing in some form, even if it is not out in the public, with serious brain injury, indicated by the haunting line, “Who won?”

As far as the rest of the episode goes, the cheese factor could go no higher. The ref had to be blatantly supporting Reynolds, Jennifer turns out to be not nice, and Lights wants health benefits for fighters. But despite the saturation of cliches, the episode moves quickly, the fight happens, and it’s over, pretty much nullifying what might otherwise by a below-average episode, as was the case last week.

Score: 8.9/10