Review: Brightest Day #23 By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi

Brightest Day #23

Written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi

Art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Norm Rapmund, and Oclair Albert


The book prepares to draw to a close as the foretold darkness begins to blanket the Earth. Planes are coming down, volcanoes are erupting, the earth is quaking, and the Earth itself seems to be turning against the people living upon it. Just as was foretold so many issues ago when Boston learned the secrets of the White Lantern. This is the culmination of the series, where everything is coming together to decide the final fate of the Earth, in the most logical location given everythin that has happened in this series.

Star City’s Forest. The only safe place on Earth, the only place with lit up skies, where the evil can now dwell. Nobody inside can exit, and only those chosen by the Lantern can enter….and Ollie because he was already there. Key figures of the series are brought in, including one whose importance could easily have been forgotten as Captain Boomerang is brought to the forest as well…readers would be quick to note that Boomer, Hawk, and Boston are the only returnees to not complete their missions. Oh, yeah, Hawk and Dove are there too. The Lantern needs to consolodate its power in one location in order to empower a savior to, well, save everyone. A savior is needed now, especially with the coming of the Dark Avatar.

The giant mountain of Black Lantern that is the Dark Avatar, a Black Lantern we had not seen before, is the cause for the evil and destruction being carried out under shroud of darkness. This evil being that can crash through the weak defenses of the light, and for whom the Elementals are needed. It’s hardly a spoiler that J’onn, Arthur, and the Hawks didn’t truly die, the cover spoils the awesome double page splash, but their purpose is to fight for the planet, providing the guiding hands for the four key elements. It is their job to fend off the Dark Avatar until the White Lantern can rise and defend the planet.

When you see the artistic collaboration of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado promised on the cover of a book, there’s a certain level of quality to be expected. They do a great job here, with the issue feeling just a bit bigger than usual, and the spreads stealing the show as they often do. The Elemental designs are great, and I love the new Black Lantern look of the Dark Avatar. I also couldn’t help but noticing a very familiar old school tone to the book, and then when I checked the artists I saw Norm Rapmund, which explains it entirely. This is the guy who inks for Dan Jurgens, and he brings a lot to this issue, especially in the faces. It doesn’t feel like an issue of Blackest Night or Green Lantern, but something else entirely. They did a great job picking artistic talent for this book.

By now most everyone knows the last page cliffhanger of this issue, with the reveal of the White Lantern’s champion having been spoiled yesterday, but there are some cool ideas to be pulled out of the setup given between the Dark Avatar and the White Lantern’s Champion, and while I can’t claim to have ever been a fan of the character, I’m still interested. Our journey is nearly at an end, one more issue left for our heroes to save the world….and for Boomer, Hawk, and Boston to finish their missions, lest they be the only returnees to fail in their tasks. Next issue is double sized, and I’m expecting big time action. This book is really going out with a bang, and I like it!




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