Wednesday Comments – Ten Marvel Creators I Want Back At DC

Whenever I read anything about upcoming Marvel releases I’m usually filled with envy. I’m a DC guy. It’s the universe that I prefer. But Marvel does such a great job of retaining talent that I’m always frustrated at their stranglehold on the industry.

So out of the dozens of creators that Marvel employs, I figured I’d come up with a list of creators that I’d like to see work at DC, again. I just think it’s better to actually have something to base opinions on and this time around I’m basing mine on their past work with DC.

Stuart Immonen – I remember when Immonen was working on the Super titles, but my favorite work of his was on the Legion. In fact I’m sure the reason why I enjoy him so much is because of his work on the 5YG Legion.

Naturally if he came back I’d love to have him back on the Legion, but really any of DC’s team books would work for me. His involvement could get me to pick up JSA again. And I’m betting that him collaborating with James Robinson on JLA would be pretty momentous.

Mike McKone – To me McKone will always be the supremely suitable fill in artist for the JLI book. That’s where I first became enamored with his work. Of course he also had that run on Teen Titans and the criminally underrated Vext.

Now if he were to come back, I think he’d be a great fit for Red Robin. It might not be a high profile enough book for him, but I think he’d do great things there. I could also see him on maybe Green Lantern or Emerald Warriors. Wait, he’d be amazing on Secret Six, that’s the book for him.

Leonard Kirk – I miss Leonard Kirk like crazy. Not only did he provide the art for one of my favorite comics of all time, Peter David’s Supergirl, he also provided the art for probably my favorite H*E*R*O arc. I have nothing but good memories of this guy.

I’d like to see Kirk working on a title like maybe, Teen Titans or Superboy? Actually I think he’d be really good on The Flash. (Man, I’ve gotta reread that Supergirl run.)

Michael Lark – Really, do I have to sell Michael Lark? His Vertigo work is what made a fan. Scene of the Crime was awesome. But Gotham Central was really a high note for me.

If he were to return to DC I think that he’d be perfect for Zatanna. He’d have the flexibility of doing this gritty stuff and magical stuff too. Of course any of the Gotham titles would work too.

Lee Weeks – So apparently the little work that Weeks did for DC made a huge impact on me. I loved his work on The Gauntlet.

For Weeks, I think the best bet would be Titans. With it’s current take on grimy action, I think he’d work quite well.

Jason Aaron – I loved his Joker’s Asylum: Penguin one-shot. It had the typical Aaron dark edge with hints of humor. It was a glimpse of great things to come. Then Marvel swept him away.

I’d really like to see him take over for Nick Spencer on T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. And honestly I’m curious what Aaron would do with either Superman or Legion, just because of how he’s perceived as a writer.

Nick Spencer – I really enjoyed his writing on Shuddertown and then fell for his Jimmy Olsen and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. Then Marvel made him exclusive.

I’d really like to see what he was going to do with Supergirl. I also think he’d do interesting things with Titans and Teen Titans.

Peter David – C’mon, this guy is a legend. Aquaman, Supergirl, Fallen Angel, Young Justice. But because of a beef with Dan DiDio he probably won’t be returning any time soon.

If he were to return, I’d love for him to return to any of the above. They were all great. But I’d also be curious what he’d do with JSA or Legion. He can clearly handle teams.

Dan SlottArkham Asylum was a great mini. The end.

Obviously, given his work on Spider-Man, he’d be great for Red Robin. I also think he’d probably do well on The Flash or possibly one of the Green Lantern books. Honestly DC should just give him whatever he wants and get him exclusive.

Ed Brubaker – His Vertigo stuff was great. His Wildstorm stuff was great as was his DCU stuff. But Marvel stole him and made him a star.

I think that Ed Brubaker could probably made Wonder Woman readable. I’d be bery interested in what he’d do if he were given the Legion or JSA. And of course he’d always be welcome in Gotham.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Those are the ten Marvel creators that I’d really like to see back at DC.

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