Mortal Kombat Webseries Premieres April 12

From Killer Film:

Kevin Tancharoen’s stunning short film in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth spawned a new webseries with the help of Warner Bros. and he’s been tweeting all sorts of cool pics from the upcoming show, but when the heck can we start to see it?

Fear not. Tuesday, April 12, Machinima Live Stream are hosting a very special Mortal Kombat event from 12pm-4pm, where they’ll showcase the new video game – which is releasing very soon – and then the first episode of the series!

No word on when the rest of the episodes will air or where the first episode will play after this release party, in case you miss it.

Skitch Commentary:
Definitely I hope this gets a wide release the same day. I absolutely loved the original teaser, and the preview pics from Twitter have been absolutely awesome…it also helps that I think Jeri Ryan is gorgeous.


Source: Killer Film