Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 04.07.2011 – Santino, Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, Ted DiBiase

Welcome, friends, to another episode recap of WWE Superstars, the final of which to air WGN America. Where will the show go from here? Who knows but lets enjoy the show at hand.

Drew McIntyre vs. JTG
The two lock-up in the middle of the ring with JTG pushing Drew into the corner until the ref breaks them up. Drew goes for a kick to the mid-section but is caught by JTG and this leads Drew landing a nice-sound shot to the face. Drew takes control by throwing JTG into the corner and then stomping all over the guy. Back in the middle of the ring, Drew throws a punch but is blocked by JTG, who throws a punch that lands and from here JTG takes over by cornering Drew on the ropes. The ref tries to break it up and Drew takes advantage with another blow to the head and then uses a modified suplex in which JTG’s midsection is hung up on the tope rope and then dropped back into the ring. Drew takes advantage of a down JTG by stomping on him while he’s down. Drew locks in a modified Camel Clutch hold and then picks up JTG but J pushed Drew into the corner and then Drew gets flipped over onto his face. Drew runs at JTG in the corner but is met by a boot in the face which is followed by J going for a series of covers but only to get two. JTG his a DDT for another pin but Drew manages to get a foot on the ropes. Drew backs into a corner and JTG meets him with an elbow and then J gets all worked up and jumps onto Drew in the corner but its thrown off and promptly kicked in the face by McIntyre. McIntyre sets up for the Future Shock DDT and it lands. Drew gets the pin.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

We now get a quick look at the Hall of Fame, I do like how they really emphasized that Drew Carey is going into the “Celebrity Wing.” (That was sarcasm, by the way).

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd
Wow, Kidd is really getting a lot of boos from the crowd and I’m assuming its edited in because the ensuing shot of the crowd looks quite calm and complacent, but who knows.
The two men lock up and then go back and forth between a couple grapple moves until Kidd works on the left arm of Yoshi. Yoshi flips around and takes control with a series of kicks and punches. Yoshi puts a hold on Kidds arm until Kidd lands a few punches with his other arm and the a kick as Kidd flips over the ropes which is answered by a dropkick from Yoshi which causes Kidd to fall onto the floor which means we’re going to a commercial break.
We return to Kidd have a weird headlock on Yoshi but Tatsu is trying to mount a comeback and a rollup pin for only two. Kidd continues with a trio of moves with his elbow and a dropkick to the back of Yoshi’s head and goes for a pin and only gets two. Kidd locks in the headlock once again as Yoshi tries to get out and does by flipping Kidd over but it doesn’t get him too far (as Josh Matthews looks inexplicable bored behind the table) as Kidd lands a kick but Yoshi answers with a kick of his own and both men are on their backs. Yoshi lands a few chops and kicks as he takes over and hits a knee to Kidd’s face but Kidd kicks out of the pin at two. Yoshi gets up on the top rope but Kidd pushes Tatsu’s legs from under him. Kidd gets onto the top rope to join Yoshi and hits what the announcers called “A Super Frankenstein” but no matter what its called, it only got a two count. Kidd tries to set up the sharpshooter but Yoshi catches Kidd’s foot and then pushes Kidd off. Kidd goes for a springboard move but Yoshi dodges and lands a high kick to Kidd’s face and gets the pin.
Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

Once again, lets relive the latest diss battle betwixt Cena and Rock as they schedule their Wrestlemania ahead of time. (Hey, its the first open date The Rock had in his planner, the man is a star actor, you know). Why was John doing his “gotta pee” dance every time Rock talked about their future Wrestlemania match. I hope there was a reason for The Corre attack that will be addressed but it was probably for kicks and giggles.

Santino Marella vs. Ted DiBiase
Ted DiBiase comes down to the ring without Maryse, does this mean that story is finally over? Does this mean Ted can finally get a better theme song?
Either way, the match begins! They lock up and they two exchange holds and take downs. Wow, Santino looks alarmingly legit right now. The two get up and Santino attempts to shakes hands a few times and is turned down. The two grapple some more before letting go once again, this time Santino seemingly gets the respect from Ted and Ted offers his own handshake which, of course, means Ted gets a cheap shot in and Santino hits the ground and then kicked out of the ring which means a commercial break.
We return with Santino in a headlock by Ted in the middle of the ring but Santino tries to get on his feet but it met with a dropkick and Ted gets a two count afterward. Ted takes over and goes for several pins but Santino kicks out after two each time. Ted puts Santino into another headlock which means Santino will manage to his feet and he does and takes control from there. Santino goes into the corner as Ted comes running. Santino puts up a foot but DiBiase catches is as Santino misses with the punch and is followed by DiBiase going back to business beating down Santino. Ted backs off and taunts the Cobra and jumps back into the corner but Santino falls over causing Ted to his the turnbuckle. Santino lands a series of punches, the split and hip-toss. Santino goes for this salute drop but DiBiase manages to put his foot in the way. Ted attempts Dream Street but is thrown over by Santino, who goes for The Cobra and it hits. Santino gets the pin.
Winner: Santino Marella

That was fun as always and there was no mention as to what will happen to Superstars so I suppose we’ll see what happens. Have a great week!

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