ThaOShow #214: Interview w/Brutus Beefcake [Podcast]

O-sters! Tha O-riginal Bros Of O, Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o are back in Tha Sick-O Zone for a BEEFY 214th episode! No homo!

Along with “Fatty” Frank Fronte and Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club, tha boys present a must-listen post-WrestleMania XXVII edition of Rated O Radio!

On this week’s show, you’ll get…

“Tha Os And NOs”!

Tha debut of “Frontenomics”! Frank Fronte finally gets his own segment and has his real musical debut! This is not to be missed.

“Tha Pit Stop” with The Notorious T.I.D.!

“Road Stories” with CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Adam Cole! Cole is part of CZW’s huge iPPV this Saturday – its Best of The Best X!! If you’re not in Philly and want to see this awesome show, go to HybridEnt.TV to order and stream it live!!

“Tha Round Table” with WWE legend & and former CWI Heavyweight Champion, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake!

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