The Big Bang Theory – Episode 4-20 Review

With the season coming to a close, it’s nice to see The Big Bang Theory have a good episode towards the end of what is a rather average season. “The Herb Garden Germination” lies in the realm of predictability, as every episode does, but it breaks the mold of what has been pure predictability, episodes following patterns based on overplaying character traits.

Sheldon and Amy dive into the social sciences, and despite their numerous methodological errors (they don’t about biases and sample sizes?), it proves to be very funny. Their investigation into the world of rumors is amusing because they aren’t openly condescending but enthused about what they are doing, which is a departure from what we usually see. The episode moves quickly, just as the rumor moves quickly, spreading from person to person before Howard’s proposal

I’m getting tired of saying this, but Raj has become a ridiculously marginalized character whose lasting traits are that he’s a little creepy and very pathetic. Raj and Bernadette barely interact and he has to be all weird about the situation even though Howard is supposedly his best friend.

Score: 8.9/10