10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! 04.07.2011 – RVD, Sting, Mr. Anderson, Beautiful People Beautiful People, Fallen Angel

Reviewing the 4/7/11 episode of TNA…

1. Ric Flair’s attempts to bury Daniels continued this week, but I felt Daniels carried himself very well in the opening segment. The network continues to push their weight around as a foil for Immortal as it was revealed that Daniels was brought in by the network(Spike TV). Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff teased that a wrestler or someone with inside knowledge is involved.

2. When Taz and Mike Tenay wondered what Brother Devon’s and Tommy Dreamer’s “What’s Up?” diving headbutt to the  crotch of Mexican America would be in Spanish, wouldn’t the obvious translation be “Que Pasa?”.

3.  If Angelina Love really apologized to Velvet Sky and agreed to team with her against the Knockouts Champions this week, why on earth would Velvet Sky leave her alone where Winter could get to her again and drug her? It might have made more sense to show Winter sneaking in when Velvet left the room and showing her spiking Angelina’s drink. They could have easily did this while still not showing a fully coherent/recovered Angelina Love in order to still sell her as being out of it.

4. I haven’t officially looked it up yet, but it sure looks like Alex Shelley playing Suicide. I’m not sure where they are going with the Suicide character, but if they are breaking up one of the best teams in TNA just to facilitate more X-Division wrestlers they may or may not use, I can’t say I agree. They are already breaking up Gen Me as Max Buck turned on his brother Jeremy officially this week and with Tenay announcing the Machine Guns are concentrating on the X-Division title, a once stacked tag team division is much noticeably weaker. This is probably the first week in a long time that a X-Division match of any sort failed to really impress me or take the Match of the Night spot.

5. Is it me or did Rob Terry look like a young Brian Knobs this week? That is not a good thing. Evidently Gunner, Terry and Murphy are now the 3 Stooges with Gunner playing the part of Moe.

6. Finally, a camera man sets down his damn camera and helps a wrestler/superstar instead of just filming them while they may be in critical condition. It was a really nice touch to show the camera man set his camera down and attend to Mickie James after her apparent drive by(run over?) attack by Tara and Knockout Champion Madison Rayne. It elevates the seriousness of a segment if a camera operator puts someone’s well being ahead of the film “story”. It makes a ton more sense when there is no one around to help the fallen superstar that a camera man would be the one to get help or help them. Good job by TNA to actually show this.

7. As much as I want to see Kurt Angle beat Jeff Jarrett’s ass, TNA has been smart with having Jeff escape and Kurt not touch him. Also good to have Kurt explain the obvious which is that the police were shown the footage of Karen and Jeff faking his “harassment” and he never went to jail. I believe the Jarretts’ prank/plan was illegal regardless if Kurt wanted to press charges, the police would not take too kindly to that. Karen and Jeff would be in big trouble in all actuality pulling a stunt like that.

8. Line of the Night:

a. To Mr. Anderson

Orlando Jordan-“By the way, Ken, I’m totally into your whole asshole thing.”

9. Match of the Night:

Non-Title Match

World Champion Sting (c ) vs. RVD

Mr. Anderson -special guest referee

Very short, but not much quality to choose from this week. The Bully Ray vs. Fallen Angel match would have been right behind this one. I would say due to the big time feel, story and appeal of the main event, even though the it didn’t last long, it was superior to all the other choices. Anderson interfered to cost Sting the match, but laid out RVD and swerved Hulk Hogan into believing he joined Immortal until he creamed Rob Terry and Murphy and took them out as well.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

Not a great show, but continued to further stories towards Lockdown. It seems like there were a few more things thrown together this week and I think that seemed to screw up the pacing a bit where the show seemed a bit too crammed in, much like shows from last year and earlier. This week seemed to further the loose cannon aspect of Mr. Anderson and advance the triple threat Lockdown main event story. I’m still unsure why TNA is messing with their tag team division so much, but at least we’ll be treated to some great upcoming single matches between Gen Me.

Show MVPs:

RVD and Mr. Anderson

Both came out of the show looking strong, especially Anderson at the end.


That is all.

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