Inside Pulse Wrestling SmackDown! Report – 04.08.2011: Alberto Del Rio vs Christian, Big Tag Match, Edge, Beth Phoenix

The show opens with the epic video package and this may be the best I’ve ever seen!  I mean hit the mute button and watch it!  Welcome to SmackDown!  I am your subbing in host for this evening and my name is Rhett Davis. But you already know that.

After the video package, Alberto Del Rio walks down the ramp with his announcer Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay and he does not look happy.  ADR gets the mic and he steals my phrase saying that he is Alberto Del Rio and that we already know that.  He says that his Destiny has been delayed.  He says that it was delayed by the Ultimate Opportunist Edge and the Coward *insert Spanish word* Christian.  He says that they destroyed his WrestleMania moment and his Rolls Royce.  He says that it wasn’t about the money… but that his car is like his children.  ADR says that he will get his revenge.  He says that everything Edge did to his car is what…You Think You Know Me.  Edge comes out riding on the back of a tow truck with the car from WrestleMania.  Edge says that ADR was greedy, arrogant, narcististic moron for huggin his car.  He says that ADR should love his kid unconditionally and show some TLC to the car.  Edge proceeds to spray paint the hood of the Rolls Royce.  ADR tells Edge to remember that he almost made him tap at Mania.  Edge tells him that he should’ve gotten the job done and that’s why he is sitting in the ring whining while Edge is the World Heavyweight Champion.  ADR tells him to give him a rematch to right the wrongs of his actions at Mania.  Edge tells him that he can’t change the destiny of the fact that he lost.  He tells him to buy a car and head to the back of the line.  He says there are much more worthy candidates such as…. Christian pops out of the cab of the tow truck.  Edge tells him that he’s got a fight coming if he wants that as his destiny.  T-Lo’s music hits as they approach the ring.  T-Lo tells them that they are going to settle this in a match tonight for the #1 Contendership at Extreme Rules.  The match at Extreme Rules will be a Ladder match, Edge’s specialty.  Alberto Del Rio grimaces as he sees coming a….


Match #1:  The Corre (Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Ezekiel Jackson) vs Midcarders Unite (Kofi Kingston, Santino Marrella, Big Show, and Kane)

We come back and it’s Kane and The Big Show.  They show that awesome KO punch from Show at WrestleMania.  Santino and Kofi follow shortly thereafter.  Then the speakers bleed as The Corre’s theme song hits.  The match starts with Santino and Justin Gabriel in and they begin like they did at WrestleMania with the kicks that don’t connect.  Justin kicks Santino in the gut and tags in Heath who distracts the ref while the rest team up on Santino.  Heath laughs at Santino and toys with him until Kane is tagged in and takes a low dropkick to the face from Kane.  Big Show comes in and slaps Heath across the chest.  He slams Slater and steps right on his chest.  Show headbutts Slater before getting Kofi up on his shoulders to splash down on Slater.  He goes for the TIP but Slater is pulled out by Wade into a…


We’re back and and Kane is in and ramming Barrett in the corner.  Irish whip to the opposite corner and then eats an elbow from Wade.  Wade tags out to Zeke.  They stand off for a second before tieing up.  Side headlock and Zeke fights out.  Kane runs off the rope and doesn’t knock Zeke off his feet.  Wade grabs Kane’s foot to distract him for a second and Zeke clotheslines him down hard.  Kane is drug into Corre’s corner and they rotate each person in, taking turns gang bashing Kane.  Zeke holds Kane and Gabriel jumps off the top for a flying drop kick and connects.  Justin pins Kane for a two before Kane starts fighting to get to his corner and he literally lifts Justin and flapjacks him.  Kane tags in to Kofi who gets the hot tag and springboards into the ring taking down Justin.  He knocks down the Corre and is reversed into the corner. Justin runs towards Kofi only to eat Kofi’s boot.  Kofi gets up top and hits a flying crossbody for the first fall!

Fall 1:  Midcarders United

Justin looks in shock as we head to a…


We come back and Slater is beating down on Santino.  He slams Santino down and gets a two count.  Heath locks in a sort of Cobra Clutch.  Santino flips Heath over his shoulder but Heath hits a forearm to the head for a two count.  Santino hits his Comedy Routine to set-up the Cobra but Wade is tagged in and Big Boots Santino.  Wade picks up Santino and hits the Wasteland for the second fall.

Fall 2:  The Corre

Santino is up, but he is rattled.  Wade takes advantage and takes Santino back to Corre’s corner and tags in Heath.  Heath tags in Zeke and he Irish Whips Santino into the corner and hits a devestating clothesline.  Show comes in and saves the match when Zeke pins Santino.  Santino is drug back to Corre’s side and Justin does a back splash in on Santino.  Gabriel locks in a headlock and the crowd is getting behind Santino, but Justin hits an STO to STOP Santino from breaking out.  Gabriel misses a sort of Vaderbomb of the ropes instead of the corner and Santino rolls over to his corner and tags in Kane.  Gabriel tags in Wade.  Kane hits some neckthrusts and then splashes Wade in the corner leading into a sidewalk slam for a close two.  Kane ascends the turnbuckle and hits a Shooting Star Press… er Flying Clothesline.  He goes for the pin and Zeke breaks it up and attacks Big Show taking him out.  Gabriel and Slater take out Kofi and Santino.  All hell is breaking loose but Kane locks in Wade for the Chokeslam, but Corre attacks to get themselves DQ’d. *sigh*

Fall 3:  (by DQ) Midcarders United (Kane/Show/Santino/Kofi

Winners:  Midcarders United

The Corre beats down Kane until Show comes in and headbutts JGabe, Heath, and Zeke.  Wade eats a painful TIP as it looked like Kofi’s knee hit him right in the jaw.  Kane chokeslams Slater and Show KO’s Gabriel.  Kane and Show grab Big Zeke around the throat and Santino sets-up the Cobra and the Cobra… latches onto the neck of Zeke as they Triple-Chokeslam him.  Midcarders United celebrate their DQ win and then Kane covers the crowd in flames.

Stay tuned as the Main Event is Alberto Del Rio vs Christian for the opportunity to fight Edge in a Ladder match.


We get a promo of Sin Cara as if he hadn’t already debuted… and then Cole makes sure we knew he debuted.  Proud of you Cole.

And entering as we come back with some awesome new music is Undashing Cody Rhodes, cool jacket and all.  His opponent?  Trent Barretta. 

Match #2:  Cody Rhodes vs Trent Barretta

Cody slowly takes off the jacket and Trent is rearing to go.  They tie up and Cody takes down Trent with a stiff kick to the abdomen.  Cody is relenting on him but Trent catches him between the ropes with a kick to the face.  Trent springboards into a flying dropkick for a short one count.  Cody reverses Trent’s Irish Whip into another stiff kick into reverse leg sweep.  He smashes Trent’s face into the corner and stomps a mudhole in him before throwing Trent into the corner shoulder first.  Rhodes grabs Trent and hits a Cross-Rhodes for the three.

Winner:  Cody Rhodes

After the match Cody starts stomping another mudhole in Trent and headbutting him under the bottom rope until BOOYAKA blares through the arena.  Rey Mysterios kicks Cody out and tries to take Cody’s mask off.  Cody runs in fear and frustration as he sees an upcoming…


As we return, we get a recap of the epic Cena/Rock encounter from Raw.  Want to know what happened?  Well then look here.

Finally after the ENTIRE segment from the end of Raw, we come back to Edge and Christian in the locker room.  Edge says that he hopes Christian beats Del Rio.  He says that he’d love to fight Christian in a Ladder match at Extreme Rules.  Christian tells Edge that he can cheer for Del Rio out there if he wants to but Edge laughs it off.  Edge wishes him luck and walks off.  Christian bends down to take a glance at Edge’s World Title before Edge comes back and picks it up still laughing because we are heading towards a…


Didja know that next year Mania goes Miami: home of the Dolphins, Heat, and Rock… hmm…

LayCool is out first as they scoff at the replay of their defeat from Snooki.  Next out is Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix. 

Match #3:  LayCool vs Beth Phoenix and Joan Cena (Kelly Kelly)

The Glamazon lives!  Layla runs out of the ring to let McCool start off against Beth.  They lock up and McCool ends up on her butt but Beth is laying blows in the corner.  McCool bounces off the rope and knocks down Layla.  McCool crawls to the corner and is expecting a tag but Beth jumps her and hits a sidewalk slam.  McCool crawls for her life and tags in Layla.  McCool argues with Layla and ends up pushing Layla straight into Beth who lifts her over her head (with what seemed like no effort) and then planted her on the top rope of their corner and kicks her in the abdomen.  Beth tags in Joan Cena and she hits a neckhold with her legs like Candace used to do.  Joan gets on the top rope and almost misses a crossbody.  She slaps Layla on the butt and then faceplants Layla for a close two.  Layla powers out and crawls over to get a tag but McCool feints an injury.  Layla is then rolled up by Joan for the three.

Winners:  Joan Cena and Beth Phoenix

LayCool glare at each other and the dissention grows as we head to another….


We’re back and there’s a Weasel in the ring… or Cole.  Cole cracks a joke about shooting JR.  ‘Can I have your attention please?’ He introduces someone who has supported him through the good times and bad, and taught him how to not wrestle at Mania:  Jack Swagger.  Jack comes out and hits his pushups, gives Cole a hug, and runs back out because he forgot his mic.  Jack tells the audience to settle down for there was plenty of Team Cole to go around.  He talks about how easy it was to prepare Cole for Mania.  Blah blah blah… kiss Cole’s butt… blah blah blah… Cole has natural talent, awesome from head-to-toe.  Only Cole could debut on WrestleMania, earn a dominating win, and become the NEW Mr. WrestleMania.  Cole says that no one can beat Swagger.  They celebrate by running out the ring in a victory lap.  Sin Cara’a music hits!  Cara points to the crowd and then at Swagger before jumping into the ring over the top rope.  Swagger pushes Sin Cara into the rope but he hits a springboard elbow and knocks Swagger out of the ring.  He dives over the top rope with an impressive corkscrew manuever.  Cole and Swagger argue as Sin Cara looks on with his no holed mask.  Booker and Matthews hype Tough Enough as they show another recap, this time of Austin and The Miz. 


As we return we see McCool pacing backstage.  Layla gives McCool a note talking about a couple’s therapy class.  McCool says that they aren’t a couple, but Layla tells her to just show up.  They show a video package of the Hall of Fame.  It was a pretty emotional night as always, but the Triple H part was especially heart-wrenching.

Tony Chimel announces, or fails trying, Alberto’s announcer Ricardo whom announces Alberto Del Rio.  Del Rio seems happy now that he gets his own Randy Orton fireworks from the ceiling.  He smirks knowingly of the incoming….


Christian’s music hits and he comes out still searching for the TNA fan in the audience.  Edge’s music hits and something tells me that he’ll be a factor in this somehow.  Apparently he will be on commentary. 

Match #4:  Alberto Del Rio vs Christian

Christian and ADR lock up and ADR takes Christian into a side headlock.  Christian is knocked down by ADR while Edge is grilled on commentary by Cole.  Christian takes down ADR and locks him on the ground in a sideheadlock.  They get to their feet as Edge and Booker look back at X8… wow.  Christian throws ADR over the top rope and then hits a dropkick on ADR who lands right in front of Edge. 


We come back and ADR pulls Christian out of the ring on the other side of the ring and he throws Christian into the steel steps.  They move back into the ring for a quick two.  ADR locks in another sideheadlock but Christian punches ADR in the gut to get out but ADR hits a huge backbreaker for a two.  ADR is applying pressure to Christian on the bottom rope.  He covers and gets a two.  ADR runs across the ring and hits a boot to the face on Christian.  ADR slaps Christian but Christian slaps him back even harder.  Christian climbs to the top but ADR slaps him.  ADR climbs up and hits a big Superplex.  ADR breaks up the 10 Countdown and Christian pulls ADR into a small package for a close two.  ADR gets up and kicks Christian in the head.  Christian gets up and he clotheslines ADR over the top rope.  They are both being countedout as the announcers debate the consequences if they were to get counted out.  ADR whips Christian into the ring post and then throws him back in the ring.  ADR climbs the top and tries to hit the back drop but misses and Christian is up and hits some fists to ADR’s head.  He climbs the second rope and hits a flying dropkick.  He climbs up again and hits a big crossbody for a longg two count.  Christian claps as ADR gets up but Del Rio reverses into the CrossArmBreaker but it is reversed into the corner and a series of reversals.  ADR gets the CrossArmBreaker on Christian but he’s in the ropes.  ADR holds until 5 before letting go.  Christian gets up and pulls ADR back onto the top rope and he is sling shot back into the ring.  Brodus comes over and threatens Christian.  Edge gets up from the announcer table and Spears Brodus.  Christian is distracted by he gets on the top rope and gets hit by an enzuigiri by ADR and he gets three? Yes three!

Winner and new #1 Contender:  Alberto Del Rio

Alberto celebrates as E & C look on disappointed. 

Show End.

This has been the SmackDown! report.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

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