Former WWE/WCW Star Scott Hall has Relapse

Scott Hall has had a relapse, according to this bit sent to PWI:

“Ryan Drew from Top Rope Promotions sent word that at their iPPV taping last night, Scott Hall had another episode. He said that Hall showed up to the building in the afternoon under the influence of something and was belligerent and incoherent.

There was an autograph signing and Hall fell asleep during it and when he was awake, his signature consisted of a line, not a name.

Drew wrote: “Unfortunately, Top Rope Promotions does not own the footage, the iPPV company does. And they plan on running the iPPV as planned with Scott Hall segment intact. TRP would like to issue an apology and would urge fans not to order the iPPV, as the Scott Hall footage is disturbing. He needed several people to get him in and out of the ring. And he even fell over in the ring. Please pray for the guy. We wish him the best.”