Hey, Dudes, Have You Heard – Hey Dude Finally Coming to DVD

Anybody remember Hey Dude? There was that period in the early ’90s where Nickelodeon had original programming that wasn’t animated or geared specifically for those still in elementary school. You had series like Salute Your Shorts, Welcome Freshmen, Clarissa Explains it All, and The Adventures of Pete & Pete – a series that has seen its first two seasons released, but Paramount Pictures has yet to release the third and final season. With the news that Hey Dude is finally getting a release maybe we’ll finally get some movement on the brothers Pete.

For five years running, Hey Dude was routinely a top five finisher on TVShowsonDVD.com’s Most Requested Unreleased Shows. The series about a group of kids working on a dude ranch, back when, you know, kids were more inclined to get sweaty and dirty doing manual labor during the summer, will have all 13 episodes from the first season released on a two-DVD set.

Nickelodeon inked a deal with Shout! so that the DVD distributor can bring Hey Dude – Season 1 to DVD. Already, Amazon has it as a pre-order listing for a July 19th release. Even better – the SRP is only $19.93, but the online retailer has it for sale for only $13.99. You can click the link below to get the discounted price. Information sent to retailers by Shout!’s distributor, Vivendi Entertainment, shows that the running time is approx. 325 minutes, with full screen video and English stereo sound. Box art below.

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Source: TVShowsonDVD