Michael Mann To Hunt Gold For Next Picture

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Michael Mann, known for his forays into crime, has taken a rather bold step into a new genre: precious metal prospecting.

Mann has been rumored to be attached to Gold, a Treasure of the Sierra Madre style treasure hunting picture about gold prospectors. It had been developed as a vehicle for Paul Haggis, who is stepping aside from directing it do to a handful of projects he has underway. Mann has a handful of projects himself including the upcoming HBO series Luck, a Dustin Hoffman starring series about horse racing that also features Dennis Farina, Nick Nolte and Joan Allen.

What does it mean? Mann has two other projects that he’s circling around as well, so this might end up with him abandoning the project as a director and staying on as a producer in the same way Haggis ended up. It’s either that or this is going to take a while before production begins due to the handful of projects he’s working on currently. Mann isn’t known for rushing things through production, etc, and expect to see this underway later than it would under other, less patient, directors.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood