George Clooney’s Next Directing Vehicle May Come From Wall Street

Variety is reporting that George Clooney’s next directorial vehicle will be tackling the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) that was used to bail out Wall Street several years ago. More specifically one of the men behind it, Neel Kashkari, and his personal journey from Federal Bailout Chief to wilderness denizen.

Mark Cuban’s 2929 Entertainment optioned the rights to the news article “The $700 Billion Man” in the Washington Post by Laura Blumenfeld about Kashkari, who went from the stress of Washington to nearly off the grid in a northern California cabin.

What Does This Mean? Clooney would be a great choice to explore a man living off the grid after a significantly stressful time. One imagines this could be a lot like Sean Penn’s Into the Wild. Clooney has tackled a wide variety of projects from behind the camera and being able to do something like this would be challenging for him.


Source: Variety