Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 04.12.2011 – Lucky Cannon, Yoshi Tatsu, Byron Saxton, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Jacob Novak

To pay homage to the new numero uno contender, people over there, what’s up? Let’s get to Redemptioning, shall we?

We begin with a recap of…an NXT storyline? Really? Surprising. Pleasantly surprising. The recap covers the love….square? Involving Maryse, Yoshi, Lucky Cannon, and, of course, Teddy D.

Theme song, crowd shots, and Stryker brings out Maryse. He asks about the ultimatum Teddy gave her last week (I believe the exact words were “NXT or me”). And she makes the logical choice of NXT (no idea why, especially with that push to the moon Teddy’s been getting). The rookies are introduced as they make their way to the stage.


  1. Lucky Cannon
  2. Titus O’Neil
  3. Conor O’Brian
  4. Byron Saxton
  5. Jacob Novak
  6. Darrey Young

And we’re on to the next one. Challenge, that is. It involves a punching machine and….punching. Anyone else flashing to that one Dragonball Z episode? Points if you do. Titus O’Neil wins….and barks for some reason. Lucky Cannon grabs the mic from Stryker and talks up a game to Maryse. Yoshi’s music hits and he comes out to be challenged to a main event match tonight by Cannon, who invites Maryse to ringside for the event. Small feud. Should be good for Cannon’s credentials.


Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young

Chavo is with Young, while the fucking midget is with O’Neil. Young comes out with the mic and calls the fucking midget a “bootleg leprechaun”. Oh no he didn’t.

Lock up, and Young gets the better of O’Neil with a few kicks. This leads to a legdrop, nearfall, and a chinlock, O’Neil fights back only to run into a back elbow by Young for the nearfall. Another chinlock applied on O’Neil, who gets up and just rams Young into the corner. O’Neil fires back with a few clotheslines. Young hits a drop toe hold on O’Neil right into the turnbuckle. The fucking midget distracts Young long enough for O’Neil to get the rollup for the pin. That’s it?

Winner: Titus O’Neil by pinfall

Titus celebrates, but Young jumps him and hits his fireman’s carry into a knee to the sternum finisher. He goes for the fucking midget, but Chavo tries to talk him out of it. Young listens to Guerrero and I’m rather pleased that we’re building legitimate rivalries on this show.


JTG comes out and we recap his and Kozlov’s friendly wager on whose rookie would be better. JTG introduces his rookie, “Headcrack” Novak, which is…basically Novak dressed in hip hop attire. Novak points out the inadequacy of JTG as a pro, which is surprising, considering JTG’s track record with partners. Novak, then, asks William Regal to be his pro, which Regal declines, and this leads to Novak challenging Regal anytime the veteran is ready. Interesting.


Jacob Novak vs. Byron Saxton

A few fist trade-offs, and Saxton takes early control with a back elbow and a hiptoss. He follows this with a Russian leg sweep and a clothesline that knocks Novak to the outside. Saxton tries to follow, but gets tripped by Novak and falls face first onto the apron. Nearfall, and Novak drops Saxton onto the ropes for another nearfall. Novak hits a couple of kitchen sinks and gets another nearfall. He follows this with a leg scissors and starts punching away on Saxton as well. Saxton fights back and hits a facebuster. He follows this with a few clotheslines and a modified bulldog for a nearfall. Novak fights back, but gets charged and shoulderblocked into the corner. Saxton hits some punches on the corner only to get pushed and hung up on the ropes. Novak hits three boots to the face in the row for the pin.

Winner: Jacob Novak via pinfall


We recap Raw one time, and it’s the appropriate segment to pick: Edge’s speech. I’ve said this already, but we’ll miss you, Edge. Thank you.

On another note, only one Raw recap, three matches, and actually feuds building? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was watching a productive wrestling show.


Maryse joins the commentary team and makes Justin Roberts cream himself with cheek kisses.

Lucky Cannon vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Some trash talk ensues, and Cannon shoves Tatsu’s face, which Tatsu, in turn shoves Cannon to the floor. Cannon fires back and hits two neckbreakers for a nearfall. Cannon hits a leg scissors on Tatsu, ends up using the rope for leverage, and the ref breaks the hold. Cannon hits a few kicks and a snapmare, followed by a legdrop. Cannon tosses Tatsu to the outside near the announce table. Cannon speaks a few words to Maryse, before being shoved to the corner post by Tatsu. Cannon rolls in the ring, but gets guillotined by Tatsu. Yoshi fights back with a few chops and kicks, then hits the top rope and hits a spinning heel kick for the win.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu via pinfall

Maryse runs into the ring, talks some trash to Lucky Cannon, frenches Yoshi, and leaves the ring. Well, that’s something of a relief effort, right? (Too soon?).

For the sake of the plug, check out this week’s Kue’s Korner for the WWE’s Laundry List.

Curtain call.

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